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The Silence of the Hypocrites


You’d think that Hillary or Bill would break their silence on the pseudo Wright controversy and defend Obama on the issue. Interestingly enough, Bill had called on Wright (as seen in the photo above) for spiritual support at a prayer breakfast during the Clinton’s 1998 Lewinsky-relatd grand jury hearings.

It is ironic that Bill had also sought the spirtual and political support of Rev. Jesse Jackson during that same “tumultous time” — then just ten years later, Bill was demeaning Jackson’s in an attempt to dismiss Obama’s South Carolina win. It makes you wonder who would ever want to have a Clinton as a friend. Continue reading

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The Burden of Proof


I think that it is ironic and lamentable that Barack Obama is the one who has the burden to prove that he is not racist. We haven’t really seen that from Hillary or McCain. When their surrogates, spouses, or endorsers say something ridiculous and offensive, they simply reply, “I have a strong track record on …” or they temporarily distance themselves.

I just read this headline from Politico — “Obama racial issues may extend to Pennsylvania“. Why is it that Obama is the one with the”racial issues”? Isn’t that what Billary tried to do in South Carolina? Wasn’t Billary thinking that white people would reject an African American who was ¨too black“? I imagine that Pennsylvania is the one with the “racial issue” if it bases its vote on race. Continue reading


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Riches at the Cost of Lives


Last night on a flight from Madrid to Paris (that happened to have been delayed four hours), I was listening to the Bill Moyers Journal podcast from March 14. The Journal covered government oversight (parts I and II) and the Bush Administration’s secrecy as both pertained to government subcontracts in the War in Iraq. The Adminstration’s handling of the subcontacts and its insistance that the American taxpayers have no say in the process is astonishing. Furthermore, at a time when the U.S. economy is so debilitated, it is scandalous that we would pay for so many companies to get rich at the cost of our soldiers’ lives.

As the War in Iraq has now endured as long as World War II with thousands of soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands injured, not mentioning the total destruction of civilian life in Iraq, you wonder why so many blantant errors were committed and so many companies have struck gold without any accountability.

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A Lesson in New Politics

This is Barack Obama’s speech where he discusses race in America and the recent outrage regarding statements made by Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of his church.

It is time for a new rhetoric and a new grammar in American politics, and Obama is showing us that it can be done. Listen to Obama and contrast him with what we know from the past 15 years: the spin, the legal acrobatics, and finger pointing of the Clinton administration, and the total secrecy, obscurity and arrogance of the Bush administration. I don’t care if Hillary has 60 years experience at spelling her own name or McCain 70 years loading his own machine gun, it is time for a real change in this country.

Here is a transcript of the speech.


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Where’s the Outrage?


What is more socially acceptable: to be an African American preacher describing the U.S.’s embarrsing human rights record in dealing with its own population, or to be a white evangelical preacher who is anti-Catholic, antisemetic, anti- Muslim, and homophobic?

Why is no one outraged that John McCain has not refused John Hagee’s endorsement? According to Hagee, for example, Hurricane Katrina was a punishment from God for homosexuality and other sins committed in New Orleans. Hillary complained that Obama’s rejection of Farrakhan’s endorsement wasn’t enough (she fantasizes about an Obama that is too Black), and yet she forgot that in 2005, when it was politically convenient, Bill Clinton supported Farrakhan’s efforts to organize a Million More March that year.

The only one who ever gets really, really angry is Hillary, and it always seems to be to undermine Obama and reinforce McCain.


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From Not Black Enough to Too Black

A year ago, Barack Obama was simply not white enough to get the “Black” vote. After Obama won in all white Iowa and then during the South Carolina primaries, Billary discovered a new plan — turn Barack Obama into a guy who is too Black for whites to vote for. Now Bill Clinton is saying that that was a myth (I suppose his Jesse Jackson comment was part of our collective imagination).

The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton cannot possibly win this election on the merits. She can’t win the votes and the numbers simply don’t work for her. She only has one chance, and that chance is to destroy Barack Obama, rendering him unelectable and hoping that the convention will mount a coup in her favor.

And the facts are also pretty clear. During the same week that Geraldine Ferraro insisted that Barack Obama had an advantage in the election because of his race and gender, a series of potentially outrageous statements from the past by the pastor of Obama’s church, Jeremiah Wright, have surfaced. Why have these statements come to light now? Why was it strategically important to bring them up precisely when Ferraro was making her statements? Continue reading


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Stuff White People Like


My bro sent me the link to the Stuff White People Like blog a few weeks ago, and it is pretty funny. You have a good list of accurate things White folk are into, including shorts and outdoor performance clothing, the idea of soccer, co-ed sports, graduate school, gentrification, divorce and bad break-ups, and much more.

I guess we are incredibly predictable people, aren’t we? I even fall into some of those self-fulfilling characterizations, including The Wire, Arrested Development, Mos Def, and Barack Obama (he’s also liked by a huge percentage of African American voters as well). Save divorce, co-ed sports, and outdoor performance clothing, ReWrite seems to be like white bread with the crust cut off.


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Letterman’s TOP TEN “Eliot Spitzer Excuses”


Yes, I know it’s a few days old, but it’s still funny:

10. “Oh come on, like you were never involved in a prostitution ring.”
9. “Hookers is fun.”
8. “Just trying to help the economy.”
7. “Have you ever been to Albany?”
6. “It’s part of my new MTV prank show, ‘Spitz’d.’”
5. “Haven’t been myself since Roy Scheider died.”
4. “Uh, tainted beef?”
3. “Whether it’s a hooker or your wife, you’re always paying for it – you married fellas know what I’m talking about.”
2. “Wanted to be known as the Charlie Sheen of politics.”
1. “I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago.”


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Is She Working for McCain?


In the Tom Toles @ the Washington Post.

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Who’s She Fighting?


I just read these very good points from Georgie Anne Geyer:

. . . [Hillary’s] mantra now is, ‘I am a fighter. I am a fighter.’ Very well, but what exactly does that mean?

Does that mean she is fighting the Republicans? It does not appear so, not when she says so unnervingly for her party that Republican candidate John McCain is eminently capable of being commander in chief, but that her fellow Democrat Barack Obama, supposedly for lack of her pugnacity and his purported “lack of experience,” is not.

She is a fighter against Democrats — men and women who essentially believe in the same precepts and principles as she does. So the fighter mantra comes down to merely a struggle to advance her own intense and often reckless ambition.

Obama made the point. ‘She had the view that what’s required is simply to fight,” he said, referring to her doomed healthcare plan of the ’90s. ‘And Sen. Clinton ended up fighting not just the insurance companies and the drug companies, but also members of her own party.’

Check out the rest of her article in its entirety: Continue reading

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