Letterman’s TOP TEN “Eliot Spitzer Excuses”


Yes, I know it’s a few days old, but it’s still funny:

10. “Oh come on, like you were never involved in a prostitution ring.”
9. “Hookers is fun.”
8. “Just trying to help the economy.”
7. “Have you ever been to Albany?”
6. “It’s part of my new MTV prank show, ‘Spitz’d.’”
5. “Haven’t been myself since Roy Scheider died.”
4. “Uh, tainted beef?”
3. “Whether it’s a hooker or your wife, you’re always paying for it – you married fellas know what I’m talking about.”
2. “Wanted to be known as the Charlie Sheen of politics.”
1. “I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago.”



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5 responses to “Letterman’s TOP TEN “Eliot Spitzer Excuses”

  1. I have no problem admitting it, #3 is pure fact, whether any married individual wants to agree or not.

    Marriage is simply legalised prostitution, and little else. Well, except for a certain long string of forbidden expletives describing the rest of what marriage is and forever has been and will be.

    Basically, marriage, like most social contract institutions, is grand … if you are the sort of sheeple who actually likes institutions.

  2. eric

    But, James, how do you really feel about it? 😉

  3. ReWrite

    All I know is that Spitizer had a lot of enemies… and these are enemies that make the Mafia seem gentle.

  4. Well cugino, there isn’t much left to say after that … unless you want to wallow in the inanities of the metaphysical arrangement of the marital institution.

  5. Rewrite,

    Does one earn enemies, or are they simply the product of the agency of political pursuit/positions?

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