Bosch Extracing Stone of MadnessI greatly appreciate and encourage readers to submit their comments to the posts that are written in this blog. Please remember, though, that there are certain rules for doings so. The Rules for posting comments are that there are no rules, of course, with the following exceptions:

  • Please use common standards of courtesy and decency when posting comments, especially when responding to other commentors;
  • Please keep profanity to a minimum; and
  • Please refrain from using comments and terminology that are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic or are directly offensive to any particular class of people.

The author of this blog specifically reserves the right to censor or delete any comments that the author feels fall into any of the aforementioned categories and, while respecting the freedom of expression of the readers, any comments that are contrary to the spirit of this blog.

Thanks for reading Grave Error!


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