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Soy un Perdedor

I am a Loser, Baby !

It’s hard to overstate just how much of a pathetic loser Donald Trump is.

Not only did he lose the election by over 7 million votes, the largest loss of any incumbent since Truman. Not only did he lose some 60 lawsuits, including two at the Supreme Court, in most never even alleging fraud and in others failing to provide any evidence of fraud whatsoever. Not only did he lose Georgia, where the Republicans did everything possible to making voting more difficult for African Americans from gutting the Voting Rights Act, closing polling places, making voters wait in line for 11 hours, blocking voter registration drives to rejecting 1000s of ballots. Trump just lost his party both Georgia Senate seats, handing the Senate to the Democrats. An incumbent hasn’t lost the presidency, the House and the Senate since Hoover, making Trump a Once in a Century Loser.

Now I know we are supposed to be sensitive to all the lost souls living in their extremist news bubble who let themselves be suckered into buying all of Trump’s phony, desperate – in need of medical attention – claims of fraud. But I don’t. Those assaulting the Capitol yesterday deserved to be tried and dealt with as terrorists, but as we know, in America, white guys’ hurt feelings always get treated with kid gloves.

Then Trump hammers the final nail in the coffin of the insanity of his presidency with a video message that is so psychotic, pathological and ridiculous that it is reminiscent of Hugo Chavez blabbering nonsense in his red tracksuit, or Baghdad Bob claiming US soldiers were committing suicide in the hundreds and that Iraq was destroying the US in the war, or Monty Python’s Black Knight sketch.

Abandoned by Pence, McConnell, Lindsey, and most of his White House staff (everybody except Ted-I-won’t-defend-my-own-dad-or-wife-Cruz), my hope is that those scenes at the Capitol yesterday were the pathetic but definitive demise of the “carnage” that was Trumpism and the last of the Trumpsters eagerness to be publicly punked and suckered by Don The Con.

Good riddance, loser !


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