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Please don’t bring me flowers anymore

Van Gogh: Flower Beds in Holland

As I mentioned last year, the increase in diesel consumption in Europe (and in particular in Madrid) is having an increasingly severe effect on those who suffer from pollen related allergies. In general, Europeans love diesel because it is more cost efficient and emits less of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Nevertheless, diesel makes people like me suffer even worse from allergies.

One of the reasons I enjoy living in Madrid is precisely to escape from my spring time allergies in Washington, DC. Although Madrid is less populated by flowers and tress than my home town, each year in Madrid my pollen refuge is becoming more and more vulnerable. And for the last two days, I have been suffering horrible headaches and exhaustion, and have noticed that the pollen counts are way up. Could allergies be the cause? So if you have any compassion, think twice about diesel and please listen to the following:

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Jamón part V: Finally some revindication

Spanish Elite Pigs

Finally, in the long saga towards shedding light on what I perceive to be a vast Jamón Conspiracy, the Spanish government intends to crack down on “jamón imposters”, revindicating my original suspicions. Read on:

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No one said it would be easy

Hopper: Summer Interior

But it doesn’t always need to be so difficult either.

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If I weren’t so Conceited, I’d be Perfect

Botero: La Toilette

The last few days I have found myself to be incredibly lucid. I simply cannot stop thinking. My mind is constantly in overdrive. There is no way for me to turn it off. And when I am this lucid, I just can’t stop working the cognitive process that creates these endless internal digressions. Here is my story:

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Walk On By

Egon Schiele: Woman looking away

Believe it or not, I am a big Dionne Warwick fan. When I was a kid, I associated Dionne with the TV show Solid Gold and then later with her Psychic Friends, but when a friend bought me Dionne Warwick Sings the Bacharack and David Songbook, I realized what great music she sang in the 60s. I think my favorite songs of hers are “Walk On By” and “Alfie”.


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¿Puede un beso hacer caer el mundo?

Marc Chagall: The Birthday

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February 22, 2007 · 6:16 pm

Coltrane Olé

A while back, I wrote about John Coltrane’s Ole. Now, I am testing to see if I can embed songs into my blog from Radio.Blog.Club. That way, I can also use music (not just videos, artwork, and pictures) to enhance the message I am trying to send through my posts.

By the way, this is my favorite Coltrane piece from the album of the same name with the incredible Eric Dolphy on flute, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Elvin Jones, Art Taylor and Reggie Workman.

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