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Riches at the Cost of Lives


Last night on a flight from Madrid to Paris (that happened to have been delayed four hours), I was listening to the Bill Moyers Journal podcast from March 14. The Journal covered government oversight (parts I and II) and the Bush Administration’s secrecy as both pertained to government subcontracts in the War in Iraq. The Adminstration’s handling of the subcontacts and its insistance that the American taxpayers have no say in the process is astonishing. Furthermore, at a time when the U.S. economy is so debilitated, it is scandalous that we would pay for so many companies to get rich at the cost of our soldiers’ lives.

As the War in Iraq has now endured as long as World War II with thousands of soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands injured, not mentioning the total destruction of civilian life in Iraq, you wonder why so many blantant errors were committed and so many companies have struck gold without any accountability.


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