Stuff White People Like


My bro sent me the link to the Stuff White People Like blog a few weeks ago, and it is pretty funny. You have a good list of accurate things White folk are into, including shorts and outdoor performance clothing, the idea of soccer, co-ed sports, graduate school, gentrification, divorce and bad break-ups, and much more.

I guess we are incredibly predictable people, aren’t we? I even fall into some of those self-fulfilling characterizations, including The Wire, Arrested Development, Mos Def, and Barack Obama (he’s also liked by a huge percentage of African American voters as well). Save divorce, co-ed sports, and outdoor performance clothing, ReWrite seems to be like white bread with the crust cut off.



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10 responses to “Stuff White People Like

  1. What’s really funny, is that neither of you are truly qualified to be called “white” …

    Even more humorous, neither of you will understand that small bit.

    I find that the more Sicilians I meet, the more similarity can be found with them. Sicilian isn’t “white” either.

  2. ReWrite


    Funny you just go to that blog now. One of my friends (who I sent it to at the same time I sent it to you) just sent me the link as if he had discovered it on his own.

    The blog is hilarious, they do kind of have me pegged, I am definitely white bread, but not quite peckerwood status.

  3. eric

    Neapolitan, couz, Neapolitan.

    It’s interesting how in the United States, we’ve historically tried to define “white” to exclude people from ethnically Catholic countries, ie, Spain, Italy, and even Irish (to a certain degree).

    In Europe, there isn’t that distinction.

  4. eric


    I had seen it a few weeks ago, but didn’t get around to blogging it until now.

  5. Borja

    Good blog Eric, I had a lot of fun checking if I am white enough or not. Unfortunately I think you have to be american to fully compare your whiteness. So that’s a question for you, would I be considered white in the US?

  6. eric


    Yes, this is incredibly unique to the U.S.

    I think that it would be hard for you to culturally fit into the American stereotypes based on behavior and likes and dislikes. Your interests would simply not fit. Thus it is impossible for you to be white, Black, or anything else within this framework. You’d be a guy with a tourist visa. Sorry!

    I think something comparable for Spain would be a things PP voters like. That would be a funny blog!

  7. Borja

    Now that’s a brilliant idea! You might have given me inspiration for a new addition to the blogosphere 🙂

  8. Borja

    Just to be fair I think that a blog about things “progres” like would be juicy too…

  9. Catholicism? Didn’t know that religion was a genetic factor … ? Perhaps you are angling at an epigenetic factor? Are you going Lamarckian on me?

    I don’t think we can use the U.S. ethnic scale in determining what is white … here, even Semites are considered “white”, which is obviously falsifiable.

    Considering that the actual difference between any two hominids, speaking directly of genetic variation, is 0.4%, race/ethnicity is relatively pointless.

    What are you calling white? You say “Neapolitan” … are you talking about the music modulation?

  10. eric

    Neapolitan means someone from Napoli 😉

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