The Silence of the Hypocrites


You’d think that Hillary or Bill would break their silence on the pseudo Wright controversy and defend Obama on the issue. Interestingly enough, Bill had called on Wright (as seen in the photo above) for spiritual support at a prayer breakfast during the Clinton’s 1998 Lewinsky-relatd grand jury hearings.

It is ironic that Bill had also sought the spirtual and political support of Rev. Jesse Jackson during that same “tumultous time” — then just ten years later, Bill was demeaning Jackson’s in an attempt to dismiss Obama’s South Carolina win. It makes you wonder who would ever want to have a Clinton as a friend.

Nonetheless, what is really shocking about all of this is the silence of the hypocrites, and how eager the press is to somehow turn Obama into the one bearing the burden of proving he is not a bigot. Come on! Bill Clinton is from Arkansas. How many of his friends are hill-billy racists? Bill and Hillary, I am sure aren’t, but they must have close friends who are. And what about McCain? Besides accepting the endorsement of John Hagee, a miliarty hero like McCain, I am sure, can tell us all a few tales about good old boy milary culture.

So why is everyone pointing the finger at Obama, and why are Billary and McCain so very quiet? And in the meantime, the hardline right winger commentators finally feel good about themselves as they take the high ground against black racists. Old white men can finally feel discriminated against. Ironic, indeed.


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