Where’s the Outrage?


What is more socially acceptable: to be an African American preacher describing the U.S.’s embarrsing human rights record in dealing with its own population, or to be a white evangelical preacher who is anti-Catholic, antisemetic, anti- Muslim, and homophobic?

Why is no one outraged that John McCain has not refused John Hagee’s endorsement? According to Hagee, for example, Hurricane Katrina was a punishment from God for homosexuality and other sins committed in New Orleans. Hillary complained that Obama’s rejection of Farrakhan’s endorsement wasn’t enough (she fantasizes about an Obama that is too Black), and yet she forgot that in 2005, when it was politically convenient, Bill Clinton supported Farrakhan’s efforts to organize a Million More March that year.

The only one who ever gets really, really angry is Hillary, and it always seems to be to undermine Obama and reinforce McCain.



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6 responses to “Where’s the Outrage?

  1. ReWrite

    Yeah I think this controversy is a good microcosm of the campaign.

    Hillary talks shit in the debates (and to the media) about Obama and Farrakhan, despite the fact the Obama rejected Farrakan’s endorsement. Yet Bill Clinton has openly embraced Farrakhan.

    And then the media jumps on this story, yet ignores the fact that McCain holds a press conference w/ John Hagee where Hagee endores McCain. And Hagee is more militant, pro-violence, fanatical, powerful, extremist and has a much larger following than Farrakhan. Hagee is a full fleged nutjob that is nothing more than a hate-monger and gives the Christianity a terrible name/reputation. McCain, the so-called (and self-proclaimed) straight-shooter, seems to have forgotten that in 2000 when he was running against Bush (and didn’t have the Hagee-like nutjobs on his side) rejected the Christian-Right leaders as “agents of intolerance” and now he is openly seeking their support. The major media outlets need to be a bit more honest and show some integrity in their coverage of these candidates.

    I think, once again, Bill Moyers (of PBS) is the only television personality to cover the Hagee story. It should be noted that Moyers (a hardcore Texas Christian) covered Hagee over six months ago and then did a follow up story on McCain and Hagee two weeks ago. God Bless Bill Moyers.

  2. Here’s an idea: Take religion out of the campaigns altogether …

    What’s strange is that if you are a person who doesn’t declare religious discipline and talk about hearing voices, receiving messages from dead persons and/or seeing visions … you’ll get a visit from the white coats and a life regimen of “better living through chemistry”.

    If you claim some vapor, myth or supernatural force as doing those things to you … it’s considered sane.

    I think there are some serious definitional problems in this country within our populace; along with the standard lucidity, educational, rationality problems so obviously prevalent.

  3. eric

    I wonder if you could be elected president in the country if you didn’t have a family pastor…

  4. Let’s find out … I’d vote for you cugino, go for it!!! 🙂

  5. eric


    I think that I have too many skeletons in my blog. I once admitted to buying condoms in a foreign country; that alone would destroy my ability to win Red States.

  6. LMMFAOROTFL … yes, abstinence only, that’s the logical policy.

    I mean, it’s not like the primary genetic impetus of any mammal is “create more”. What was I thinking … ?

    You haven’t engaged in premarital sex have you? Take the Clinton road, “define ‘use'”.
    Clinton never rolled, you never unrolled.

    I still think you can take it … Eric for President ::and the crowd goes wild!!!::

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