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Where’s the Outrage?


What is more socially acceptable: to be an African American preacher describing the U.S.’s embarrsing human rights record in dealing with its own population, or to be a white evangelical preacher who is anti-Catholic, antisemetic, anti- Muslim, and homophobic?

Why is no one outraged that John McCain has not refused John Hagee’s endorsement? According to Hagee, for example, Hurricane Katrina was a punishment from God for homosexuality and other sins committed in New Orleans. Hillary complained that Obama’s rejection of Farrakhan’s endorsement wasn’t enough (she fantasizes about an Obama that is too Black), and yet she forgot that in 2005, when it was politically convenient, Bill Clinton supported Farrakhan’s efforts to organize a Million More March that year.

The only one who ever gets really, really angry is Hillary, and it always seems to be to undermine Obama and reinforce McCain.



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