In early 2006, I started Grave Error, a blog where I posted all sorts of digressions from my daily life in Spain (as an American living Madrid) to politics, jazz, and literature. In recent years, I have increasingly had less time to dedicate to Grave Error, especially since becoming a husband and father. Nonetheless, I hope to jump start Grave Error — with its new look and feel (and hopefully migrating the old blog here).

I hope you will enjoy Grave Error and not take it too seriously. Neither do I.

– Eric Napoli


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  1. Bill "Doon" Muldoon

    Hi Eric,
    I stumbled on your blog when doing a search on Woodward High School soccer. I was on Scooter’s 1976 State Championship team, beating Loch Raven in penalty kicks. Wow… your Scagg’s quotes actually made me tear up- we heard them all! Dave had a huge impact on my life. His motivational approach to soccer with life advice thrown in still impacts me to this day. I went on to play NCAA soccer & Univ. of Delaware and played soccer my entire adult life until just recently. My dad recorded the ’76 Woodward state championship game with a classic 8mm movie camera… no sound, grainy, but fun to see Scooter handing out the championship plaques to his players for his first state title. I also was a camp counselor at his Camp Bullis soccer camp. It was great fun… I also met Sam Debone at Pine Lake Soccer Camp in Stroudsburg, PA– he taught me a lot about the game. My web search (which led me here) was to find any material/ photos/ etc on Scooter and Woodward soccer, as I am digitzing the old 8mm ’76 CWW championship game to give to his daughter Allyson, and to share with my aging CWW soccer alumni from our ’76 team. Anyways, blessings to you for the kind words about Scooter, Cheers, Bill Muldoon
    p.s. the video clip also has my missed PK after 2 OTs (also remembered forever)… thankfully our goalie Jon Capon (All American at WVU) scored the winning goal for us 😉

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