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Smells Like Teenie Bopper Music

I was just walking down the street and saw three high school girls around the age of fifteen (Oh, Being and Distance). One of them was wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. Nirvana? Nirvana became popular in 1991 with that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” song before any of these girls were even born. Nirvana, like the Backstreet Boys or other record company designed musical acts, were made popular by the mass media and not by any innate musical abilities. I remember very well back when MTV incessantly played the unintelligble “Teen Spirit” song over and over and over again until finally everyone was buying Nirvana albums.

Of course, Nirvana fans can argue all they want with me, but if you stop and really listen, Nirvana’s music stands for nothing. Even if you could argue that it is nihilistic, its nihilism is also devoid of nihilistic content.

But what is so great about this girl with her t-shirt is that she just reinforces the mass media (especially MTV’s) ability to create mainstream pop stars, in the words of Air Supply, “out of nothing at all”. Add that to an untimely death of the lead singer and you have t-shirts sales to teenie boppers for the next 20 years.

Thanks Weird Al for the parody!!


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We’re Gonna Still Need Some Practice

I think Hysidro and I are going to still need some practice to get the salutation just right.

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Chasin’ the Trane

Coltrane Biography.jpg

Rewrite just pointed me towards this review in The Economist of Ben Ratliff’s new biography of John Coltrane. Here is the review in full: Continue reading

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Hysidro en el Top 8

Hysidro de Noche.JPG

Fuentes cercanas a FON acaban de confirmar que Hysidro ha sido elegido uno de los Top 8 del Departamento de Marketing para el 2007. ¡Enhorabuena!

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Recycled Post of the Week: Rudolph


After such long expectation and a weekend romance with Christmas songs, I am back to listening to John Coltrane. I suppose that I got just the right dose of the X-mas oldies to cover me at least until mid December and then I can revisit the Christmas spirit. In the meantime, I thought I would dedicate this Recycled Post of the Week to a post I wrote one year ago at the end of November 2006, entitled “What’s always bothered me about Rudolph’s plight.”


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In the News

Where to live.jpg

Today opening Yahoo!, I learned a bunch of interesting news tid bits. For example, I learned that Iceland is the best place to live in in the world, and the U.S. is number 12. I also learned that Washington, DC has the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates in the U.S. and the numbers are incredibly disturbing. Then, I learned about older white European women going to Kenya for its sex tourism. Go girl! And finally, I learned about a Puerto Rican woman who won a beauty contest despite sabotage. A fascinating day in the News.

Oops, I forgot. I also read an article by Robert Frisk in the Independent about the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East.

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My Favorite Books of 2007

Favorite books.JPG

I was doing pretty well, at least until I discovered Podcasts, and then I pretty much stopped reading. I did begin Kurban Said‘s Ali and Nina which was incredibly promising, but I don’t think that my schedule until after the Holiday Season will give me the time to finish it. So, I believe it is safe now to give my list of the books that I most enjoyed reading in 2007. Continue reading


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Christmas Time is Here

I know it seems early, but officially Christmas time is here. That means I can start annoying the hell out of everyone! Yet for some reason, this morning I opted for John Coltrane over my Christmas favorites. I guess I still don’t quite have the full Christmas feeling. Continue reading

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Amnesty International Video

Nice video, but I doubt their conclusion.


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A Turkey Sandwich on Turkey Day

Today is my eighth consecutive Thanksgiving that I spend without my parents. As a matter of fact, until 2000, I had never missed a single Thanksgiving (during my lifetime) with my parents, whereas my parents’ other two children have missed the event on numerous occassions. In the past few years, I have had the occassional Thanksgiving with friends, but we’ve never actually celebrated it on Thanksgiving Thursday — it’s always been on the weekend. Plus it’s just not the same having turkey away from home.

Today for lunch, I subsconsciously celebrated Turkey Day by ordering a Turkey sandwich. Turkey or not, I am actually much more excited about mañana than I am a sad for missing Thanksgiving. That’s right, tomorrow I get to begin my nausciously and painfully annoying assault on humanity’s collective ear drum with loads and loads of Christmas music and Christmas Specials!

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