A Lesson in New Politics

This is Barack Obama’s speech where he discusses race in America and the recent outrage regarding statements made by Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of his church.

It is time for a new rhetoric and a new grammar in American politics, and Obama is showing us that it can be done. Listen to Obama and contrast him with what we know from the past 15 years: the spin, the legal acrobatics, and finger pointing of the Clinton administration, and the total secrecy, obscurity and arrogance of the Bush administration. I don’t care if Hillary has 60 years experience at spelling her own name or McCain 70 years loading his own machine gun, it is time for a real change in this country.

Here is a transcript of the speech.



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3 responses to “A Lesson in New Politics

  1. Iban

    …And my hat (whether fedora or cap) is finally off to your contender Eric…

    Brave man!

    And right man too!

    I can hear Hillary scream in desperation from here!

  2. Iban

    A hell of a lot to live up to, though…

  3. eric

    Iban, I am glad to see that you’ve finally tuned in! You’ve even converted to Obamaism.

    It is an impressive speech, but what worries me is that in many ways, Obama was forced by his white competitors to define himself racially. Why is the burden on him alone?

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