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Defensa Curiosa

Acabo de leer este artículo curioso (a continuación) donde un acusado de violación alegó en su defensa que violó a su primo por confundirle con su novia.

Ahora me preocupa que la gente puede usar defensas parecidas con el router WiFi La Fonera, que es fácil de instalar (casi plug and play), y con ello compartes un poco y ganas mucho. Los manueles de instrucciones son muy buenos y los insoportables de Soporte ayudan mucho con cualquier dificultad. ¿Pero confundir el primo con la novia? Esto nos va a exigir publicar una nueva lista de precauciones de seguridad y de responsabilidades civiles y penales. Que nadie se equivoque de puerto al instalar La Fonera.
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My name is Iñigo Montoya

Have you ever seen The Princess Bride? This is a pretty funny movie that first came out back in 1987. There are a couple of hysterical and memorable lines including the repetition of the sentence, “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”

Strangely enough, on my way home from work this evening, I walked past a day care center where two kids jumped out into the street play fighting with swords made from balloons. One of them stopped suddenly, looked at the other one in the face, and said in Spanish, “Me llamo Iñigo Montoya, mataste a mi padre, preparate para morir.” I thought this was just too much. It is nice to see that something that made me laugh 20 years ago in a different contintent is making kids laugh today here in Spain.

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Time and Distance

I am about half way through The Spider’s House by Paul Bowles which takes place in 1950s Fez, and I just read this sentence:

Even the smallest measure of time is greater than the greatest measure of space.

This immediately reminded me of “Being and Distance“, the first post that I ever entered into this blog. “Being and Distance” is fictional prose about how the measure of distance in kilometers (spatial terms) is ontologically irrelevant without factoring in all of the other essential things that one has to traverse through space and time (i.e., all that we gain or lose during our course of travel). In any event, the above quote pleasantly brought me back to my first blog post, almost a little more than 11 months ago. It also made me feel like I was not completely out of my mind when I wrote it.

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Apartheid in American Cities and Suburbs

My bro has just published another article on the Safe Democracy website. This one is entitled “Is Urban Revitalization Tantamount to Redlining” and discusses how gentrification and urban revitalization projects in American cities are once again segrating cities for the sole benefit of the rich.

These videos are of the Cross Bronx Expressway that I made along with others in the Bronx.

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La Reina de Úbeda en la Nieve

La reina de Úbeda, mi querida Laurita, se ha levantado hoy con su ciudad, Patrimonio de la Humanidad por UNESCO, cubierta de nieve.

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Member of a huddled mass

Two weeks ago, I took part in phase one of renewing my Residence and Work Permit in Spain. The first phase was comprised of filing a request for renewal which I was able to complete in Alcobendas in only 2 hours. Today, I completed the second phase which required me to file paperwork and get fingerprinted. This took me to Aluche in south western Madrid about 45 minutes away from my apartment on the metro. Maybe it was fate, but today was the coldest day so far this year in Madrid, and I waited in line for 3.5 hours outside (and in the shade). By about 1:30pm, I was getting a bit nervous because I was about the third in line to go into the building when it looked like they weren’t going to allow anyone else proceed until after their 2 hour lunch break. That would mean that I would have to wait an additional 2 hours in the cold. Thankfully, I was allowed to enter and was the last person to get fingerprinted before the lunch break.

Now I only have to wait 40 days to return again to Aluche to retrieve my new Residency Card. Yeah!!! This is valid for 2 more years, and then I get to start all over again.

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The Moralization of Everything in America

Today at lunch someone was discussing whether Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States. I then brought up her other two principal Democratic rivals, Bill Richardson and Barak Obama (who I have mentioned previously). For the time being, Hillary and Obama seem like the most likely front runners for the Democratic ticket. It appears to me that Hillary would have a better chance at winning the Democratic primaries while Obama may have a better chance at the definitive presidential elections — my argument being that Hillary is more likely to arouse the negative passions of Americans than the good. And after W., that’s the last thing we need. Of course, now it is simply too soon to tell. There are still a lot of things that can happen and plenty to learn about the candidates. Here’s what bothers me:

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