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Meet the Idiots


For the most part, I have stopped watching Meet the Press altogether. To begin with, David Gregory is pure mediocracy in motion, the embodiment of an establishment press that is too self-interested to ever ask truly relevant questions. Rather Gregory feigns “journalism” with the initial gotcha question, but then never follows it up with anything challenging. The end result is not journalism but a friendly medium for politicians to safely repeat their party lines. Gregory becomes nothing more than a megaphone for the political class, perpetuating the farce that has become our political culture. If Cronkite was the “most trusted man on television” — who Meet the Press is now hypocritically celebrating — then how should we describe the likes of Gregory and company? Continue reading



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Illegal, and Pointless


Today’s New York Times editorial.

July 17, 2009
Illegal, and Pointless

We’ve known for years that the Bush administration ignored and broke the law repeatedly in the name of national security. It is now clear that many of those programs could have been conducted just as easily within the law — perhaps more effectively and certainly with far less damage to the justice system and to Americans’ faith in their government.

That is the inescapable conclusion from a devastating report by the inspectors general of the intelligence and law-enforcement community on President George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program. The report shows that the longstanding requirement that the government obtain a warrant was not hindering efforts to gather intelligence on terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, the argument that the law was an impediment was concocted by White House and Justice Department lawyers after Mr. Bush authorized spying on Americans’ international communications. Continue reading


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Viva Corporate Welfare


Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are back. The rest of us will have to wait.


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The Business Model


The health insurance companies are in the Health Care Industry, yet their business model is to spend as little money as possible on actually offering heath care. In other words, they make money by charging for coverage but denying health care.

Check out the last edition of the Bill Moyers Journal for three excellent pieces on Health Care:  “Wendell Potter on Profits before Patients“, “Money, Politics and Health” and “Health Care Reform on the Table.”


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Why is This News?

I just read that Liz Cheney “doesn’t believe her father did anything wrong in connection with a secret CIA operation.” Earlier today I wrote about the silliness in our political dialogue and this only furthers my point. So, really, why is what Liz Cheney thinks about her father newsworthy? I am sure the first person Dick-Just-Trust-Me-Cheney was going to confide in while hiding everything else from everyone else in the country was his daughter. “Daddie wouldn’t do that.”

Why is this news? Maybe we should hear what LaToya Jackson thinks.


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Let the Silliness Go On


I should not be surprised by the total absence of seriousness in our political discourse. Between the Obama election and the economic crisis, the Republican insistence on “clinging to” outdated political and economic ideologies – i.e., cut taxes, cut spending, nothing more — has quickly moved from a lack of seriousness to pure silliness. To a certain extent this was expected after almost a decade of political hegemony in both the White House and Congress: the Republican political class was tired and out of ideas. Surely the same fate will befall the Democrats at the end of the Obama reign. In the meantime, we have to live through the rehashing of the Republican culture wars that have little to with reality and less to do with policy. Continue reading

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Quack 22

If it is better to resign from elected office than become a Lame Duck, doesn’t that create a Lame Duck Catch 22 because you can’t become a Lame Duck unless you become an elected official and all elected officials become Lame Ducks? Continue reading


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