Costly Rivalry


So it might not be the most civil of rivalries, but this sign at today’s Real Madrid/Cristiano Ronaldo presentation in front of some 85,000 people was pretty funny:

Benzema = 35m
Kaka = 65m
C. Ronaldo = 96m
Screwing Laport [president of FC Barcelona], priceless.
For everything else, Florentino [president of Real Madrid] !

Especially considering that Laporta has been complaining to the press about how much Real Madrid has spent, and even the Spanish President, Zapatero, has publicly criticized Florentino, it is all the more priceless. Real Madrid has indeed spent an offensive amount on these new players, and will most likely spend more, but still Zapatero, as an avid and vocal Barcelona supporter, has once again proven himself to be a total buffoon.


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  1. ReWrite

    that sign is hilarious

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