Why is This News?

I just read that Liz Cheney “doesn’t believe her father did anything wrong in connection with a secret CIA operation.” Earlier today I wrote about the silliness in our political dialogue and this only furthers my point. So, really, why is what Liz Cheney thinks about her father newsworthy? I am sure the first person Dick-Just-Trust-Me-Cheney was going to confide in while hiding everything else from everyone else in the country was his daughter. “Daddie wouldn’t do that.”

Why is this news? Maybe we should hear what LaToya Jackson thinks.



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2 responses to “Why is This News?

  1. I don’t know, maybe it’s news because the Dumocraps and libtards think they can get some manner of societally approved revenge?

    What difference would it make in any event, he already shot a man in the face while under the influence and escaped the law …

    He’s such a greasy f*, he’ll escape anything they try to put on him …

    America needs more snipers with mental instability.

  2. eric

    That’s right, I always forget to mention that shooting.

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