The Business Model


The health insurance companies are in the Health Care Industry, yet their business model is to spend as little money as possible on actually offering heath care. In other words, they make money by charging for coverage but denying health care.

Check out the last edition of the Bill Moyers Journal for three excellent pieces on Health Care:  “Wendell Potter on Profits before Patients“, “Money, Politics and Health” and “Health Care Reform on the Table.”



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5 responses to “The Business Model

  1. LMAO, give me a break.

    Got facts? No, I think not.

    Here’s a couple that have been verified:

    There are not “46-50 million” uninsured Americans. There are only 8 – 12 million, the rest are illegal aliens, who have no grounds to ask for, or be covered by, any medical insurance. They can suffer and die, who cares.

    The American citizen; the hypochondriac, the recreational patient, the moronic germophobe, the asinine pandemician … they are the largest problem ~ after the insolvent Medicaid/Medicare system, (psst, that’s already socialised health care coverage the government hasn’t EVER been able to manage properly), which will reach 56 trillion in the red by years end ~ ineffably bankrupt.

    The system needs reform, and possibly some governmental regulation to “push” it in the ethical reform direction ~

    Socialised healthcare is a proven abject failure; it will never work, anywhere, ever.

    Again, you need to learn about the effects of both demographics and geographic expanse, like most Americans; 1.6 trillion in the first two years, (not ten like the liars tout), and the only people who would actually benefit and be covered ~ illegals and indigents. Government mandated healthcare would cost 113.5 million Americans, now covered by private insurance, into the governmental system.

    Moyers, is a moron of cosmic proportions, as is anyone who believes hime. Healthcare has nothing to do with savings, costs, reforms or whatever other soapbox terms the Maobama [laff] “administration” is pushing; it is about dissolution of the Constitutional authority, power, and control of the masses ~ via the Skanky Pelosi and Diane Swinestain socialist ilk.

    Think about it for two seconds …

    If this attempted legislation is “so needed” for America, why are they ramrodding it through before anyone can read the 1018 pages of the bill?

    Hmmmm, I do wonder?

  2. eric

    Well, it’s nice to see that you have been purchased wholesale the Heath Care Lobbies’ propaganda campaign.

    I am sure you read the the story about how the Washington Post was going to sell the Health Care Lobbies plates for dinners where they could meet with journalists and White House officials to get their positions across.

    I am not saying that a public solution must be the only solution. What I am saying is that their needs to be an open debate that is not impeded at every step of the way with the absurd Cold War Era rhetoric of the Health Care Industry’s lobbies.

    The problem with legislation in America is this lie about the need for partisan compromise which always means more for the lobbies at the extent of the taxpayers.

    As you always say, follow the money.

  3. Fair enough, all major corporate/conglomerate entities lobby, always to the detriment of the American people.

    But the lies are two fold, and most are coming from our government.

    Again, you aren’t paying attention: this isn’t about costs/savings ~ think about it Eric. Once you are on government medical care, guess who has ALL your most private information … ?

    All of it. With no chance that you can refuse their invasion into your life, wholesale.

    Again, your football, your rules, believe whatever makes you comfortable. But, we live in the Information Age ~ information is the highest rated commodity on the planet ~ if they own your information, they own you.

    Tyranny isn’t just a noun, it is something done. Mark my words, it’s coming, shitstorm style.

  4. eric

    That would be a valid point except for the fact that the government already has access to all of my personal information. Thanks to Dick and Bush, the government freely reads all of my emails and listens to all of my phone calls.

    This is a good topic, though, for further discussion at some point: how both the government and corporations act separately and in unison to keep tabs on our behavior and whereabouts through the storage and resale of information relating to what we consume and what we say and do over the phone and internet.


    “Simulacra and Simulation”, “The Consumer Society” … Jean Baudrillard, ftwFTW!!!

    I told you that you should read his books.

    You’re right you know, everyone is watching our behavior … which is exactly why I couldn’t care less about “reality” … it’s all fabricated for persuasion purposes.

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