Obama is Hope, Billary is Hate

Obama and Teddie.jpg

It was telling about the hate, devisiveness, and disgusting nature of Billary how after Obama’s win in S.C., it was Bill and not Hillary who first spoke to the press. And what did Bill say? He said that even Jesse Jackson had won a primary in South Carolina. That’s about as devicive and bottom-feeding as you can get.

Are you disgusted? Well, apparently the majority of senior Democrats have had enough of Bill (who now thinks he’s running for president). Ted Kennedy is about to announce his endorsement of Obama. What does it mean for Hillary’s experience argument when Ted Kennedy (who has been a U.S. senator for 40 years) says that Obama is more qualified than Hillary? It means that it’s time for change. Ironically, every single candidate in the race, both Republican and Democrat, all represent a break from the past . . . all of them except for Billary.



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3 responses to “Obama is Hope, Billary is Hate

  1. ReWrite

    all good points

  2. Charlie

    And on the other side, McCain is predicting more wars and acting like he’s itching for a fight – and misrepresenting Romney’s stance on Iraq (Meet the Press). I may be closer to joining Obama’s campaign right now than voting for McCain. What a fluid situation.

  3. eric


    Yes, I watched that yesterday. McCain claimed that Rommney was “clearly” for a time-table when the language wasn’t clearly. McCain is a lot better than the Clinton’s, let’s just hope we don’t have to make that choice.

    I do think that it is so very interesting about this election year how two candidates like Obama and McCain are both able to attrack independents and people from opposing parties. Very telling.

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