What I watched in 2021

I normally do not watch many TV series, and I have pretty much given up film all together. A couple times a year, I may watch a series or two, or when I need an easy smile, I’ll watch an old Seinfeld episode.

But in 2021 – and I don’t have a good reason why – I watched much more than in recent years. This ended up competing with my reading time. As you’ve probably heard me say a million times, I’ve had a bit of a Ted Lasso obsession (season 2 not so much). I also really enjoyed The Good Place which like Ted Lasso was about how we need other people in our lives to make us stronger and better human beings. Honorable mention to Borgen. I spent a few weeks pretending like I could speak Danish.

The Last Dance (which fascinated me and when I have time, I hope to write about as a contrast to Ted Lasso), The People v OJ Simpson and The Kings all made me reflect on the past, as I lived through those historical periods, often much more distracted by the trials and tribulations of my own day-to-day to consider their importance. I definitely enjoyed all three. I particularly liked learning more about Sugar Ray Leonard who lived down the street from me.  

Finally, Squid Game was fun for the sole reason that it was Korean, and most of what we get to watch on Netflix et al is American with a couple of European exceptions. The acting was great, but otherwise it was just The Hunger Games for adults.

Here’s my list:


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