Bill Clinton’s Dream

Trash talking Obama, hating, or just playing James Carville for his wife’s campaign can be very tiring for an elder statesman like Bill Clinton. Staying awake at a Martin Luther King, Jr. event may be just be too much for the country’s “first honky” from Arkansas.



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7 responses to “Bill Clinton’s Dream

  1. Randy Bergmann

    Given your apparent insatiable appetites for all things Billary and the Democratic presidential race, I offer this link to the NY Times editorial endorsement of Hil, if you haven’t seen it already.

    They opted for McCain on the Republican side, properly dissin’ Rudy big-time.

  2. eric

    Thanks, Randy!

    I can’t tell you how much that endorsement pains me. It states that Hillary will be a change to U.S. foreign policy, but that is not accurate. Hillary has voted with Bush on almost all of his foreign policy initiatives. She is only a nominal change.

    Finally, the endorsement does not address the important issues of what “Bush Clinton Bush Clinton” means for the future of our nation, or her anything to win tactics.

  3. how about we switch your “clinton campaign” against the clintons to a little insight on Spanish politics for a change.

    elections are coming soon.

  4. Op-ed: properly read “Writing for a distinct segement of the public that agrees with my baseless assumptions, from the factless slant of my agenda, predicated upon delusions of adequacy.”

    Sorry, cugino has the number again. Billary represents the debauchery aristocratic political enterprise, and the mendacity and avaricious plotting of the oligarchs who fund her bid for power.

    McCain is unstable, and the same old tired politics that is helping to run this country into the abyss.

    I’ve got two words for you: Colin Powell.

  5. eric

    Gran Huja,

    Spanish elections are so incredibly boring right now, you can’t even imagine it. It’s worse that John Kerry for George W. Zapatero and Rajoy are like the movie Dumb and Dumber.

  6. eric


    Colin Powell…I wonder if he’ll ever come back. He would be an interesting V.P. candidate. Somebody might just call him back up. Could that be McCain? Of is he too damaged?

  7. I think the more we see of McCain, the more we’ll see him digging his own political grave.

    Powell is doubtful to ever return, why should he? He served his country selflessly, and it garnered him epithets, death threats and character assassination .. I’d defect if I was him.

    The moment even the subject of him making a bid was whispered, he immediately became a pariah whose family was instantly targeted by “journalists” with personal agendas.

    But, let’s not blame a propagandist media, they aren’t responsible for their behavior … Bush made them do it. :X

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