Grave Error to Endorse Obama?


Rumor has it that Grave Error will officially endorse Senator Barak Obama as its choice for the U.S. presidency.

In related news, it appears that Hillary is about to change her campaign strategy once again. First it was her 35 years of experience, 8 of which were as an elected official and transparent, the remaining years of alleged experience will be disclosed at a later time at the sole discretion of the candidate or when required to so by judicial order on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Hillary was the only candidate who would be ready for the White House on day one. She knew exactly who to fire at the White House travel agency and which funiture she’d finally be returning to its rightful place.

Then after losing in Iowa, Hillary changed her strategy to being the candidate for change and sometimes for almost crying. After winning in New Hampshire, Hillary again changed her strategy to be the housewife with the screaming, yelling, jealous and racist husband.

Now after South Carolina, it looks like Hillary is going to change once again. This time her husband is going to not talk to so much, and she is going to remind everyone of what Billl, I mean Hillary, stood for when he, I mean she, ran for office in 1992.

Give me a break! Can you believe there are people buying this stuff?



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2 responses to “Grave Error to Endorse Obama?

  1. ReWrite

    that is actually really funny!

    I love watching/listening to the metamorphosis of H. Clinton supporters.

    The avg Democrat says they just want to support the strongest candidate- I hate people that say that, I wonder how many votes people like Kucinich and Paul (on the Republican-side would get)… Kucinich wins every post-debate poll (of the debates he is invited to).

    Feminists- now say they wish they could have Hillary w/out Bill.

    Hillary will still win the whole thing.

  2. The American people will still lose the whole thing.

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