A Turkey Sandwich on Turkey Day

Today is my eighth consecutive Thanksgiving that I spend without my parents. As a matter of fact, until 2000, I had never missed a single Thanksgiving (during my lifetime) with my parents, whereas my parents’ other two children have missed the event on numerous occassions. In the past few years, I have had the occassional Thanksgiving with friends, but we’ve never actually celebrated it on Thanksgiving Thursday — it’s always been on the weekend. Plus it’s just not the same having turkey away from home.

Today for lunch, I subsconsciously celebrated Turkey Day by ordering a Turkey sandwich. Turkey or not, I am actually much more excited about mañana than I am a sad for missing Thanksgiving. That’s right, tomorrow I get to begin my nausciously and painfully annoying assault on humanity’s collective ear drum with loads and loads of Christmas music and Christmas Specials!


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