Chicken Soup with Rice

Whenever I go home to the States, I always come back with children’s books and music in English for my goddaughter. It’s quite interesting, but she actually prefers books to toys. And she loves music. So, I always bring her all of my favorites from when I was kid. Believe it or not, but I really get a kick out of revisting all of those books and music from my childhood. Today I was thinking that I also wanted to get some books for the son of one of my other friends. I went onto Amazon to search for Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. That was the story that taught me not to be afraid of the dark.

While looking for it, I realized that Mauric Sendak had also written Chicken Soup with Rice and a host of other stories that were put to music by Carole King. I had completely forgotten about these stories and how in elementary school we used to watch their animated TV production entitled Really Rosie when we’d be rained in for recess. Just reading the title “Chicken Soup with Rice” and I remembered the choruses to almost all of the songs. I can still see the classroom in first grade with the lights turn-off and the image being projected on the big white screen covering the black board. Unfortunately, the memory is better than rewatching the videos years later.



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3 responses to “Chicken Soup with Rice

  1. TheCommentKiller

    i wonder why i don’t remember any of this… oh yeah Mom and Dad threw out all of books and toys, etc. after they finished raising you

  2. eric

    I think there are probably a couple of possible reasons why you don’t remember, and they fall into two categories. The first is that you actually never saw the films (I am pretty sure we never had any of the books from the series). Here the probable reason is that I saw these my first years at Lake Normandy Elementary School. It closed when you were to enter 1st grade, and the films were probably not shown at Wayside.

    The second possibility is that you did in fact see them, but some mitigating event has prevented you from remembering them. That may have been you hit your head fortuitously against the living room table and, not only did the evil spirits come rushing out with a significant flow of blood, but also some substantially memory and early schooling.

    Of course these of just untested hypotheses.

  3. TheCommentKiller

    both possibilities are a form of abuse and/or neglect, too bad there isn’t a private right of action for people like myself.

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