Time and Distance

I am about half way through The Spider’s House by Paul Bowles which takes place in 1950s Fez, and I just read this sentence:

Even the smallest measure of time is greater than the greatest measure of space.

This immediately reminded me of “Being and Distance“, the first post that I ever entered into this blog. “Being and Distance” is fictional prose about how the measure of distance in kilometers (spatial terms) is ontologically irrelevant without factoring in all of the other essential things that one has to traverse through space and time (i.e., all that we gain or lose during our course of travel). In any event, the above quote pleasantly brought me back to my first blog post, almost a little more than 11 months ago. It also made me feel like I was not completely out of my mind when I wrote it.


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  1. Ken

    Here is the official Paul Bowles site, which is far better than the Wikipedia entry you have.

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