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How long is a day in the dark?

Schiele Lovers


My father’s favorite line from the English Patient is, “I’m not missing you yet.” I prefer the very end. I love the imagery of writing in the dark. Curiously, it is a line written for the movie only and not the novel. There are a couple of motifs in the movie that do not appear as clearly as in the book. These have to do with the idea of ownership, the absurdity of national boundries and identity, and love in general. When one writes in the dark, one is unable to write in a straight line for there are no boundries. Here it is . . .

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My Bro: Keeping it real

My brother is an attorney with MFY Legal Services in New York. Check out this article describing some of the work he is doing. This type of legal representation shows the power and importance of attorneys in our society. He’s keeping it real!


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Writer’s block

Winter Trees

It has been a few days since I have published anything new in Grave Error. I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but for some reason (or actually for a few in particular), I can’t get myself to complete a thought and put it into digestible terms. Let me explain . . .

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Premio al Mejor Compañero de la Semana . . .

No es el Premio Nobel aunque esta semana nuestro galardón se concede desde Estocolmo donde actualmente se encuentra el Comité. Y el ganador del Premio al Mejor Compañero de la Semana es  . . . Diego B

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Conocer y conociendo a Beatriz Russo

Beatriz con Marcello.JPG

He ido conociendo a Beatriz Russo desde Formentera sin realmente llegarla a conocer aún. Es poeta (o poetisa dependiendo del siglo en que te apetece pertenecer) y escritora (entre otras cosas). Y en este post quisiera usar la metáfora de Sócrates de “being and becoming” para resaltar las diferencias entre Beatriz y yo y la ontología (o quizás cosmología) de nuestra amistad emergente. Por ejemplo, fijaros en Marcelo y como mira a Beatriz y como ella pasa del pobre. Me recuerda a mis problemas con las actrices. La diferencia es que ella está pasando y yo pareciendo pasar. ¿De qué estoy hablando? Me explico . . .

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Smells like the Bronx

In honor of my sister’s birthday (it is also Cobra’s birthday), I write about a conversation I had with her the other day, when upon returning home, I noticed that my apartment building smelled like the Bronx. It had been a long day, and I, famished and exhausted, decided to follow my strict diet of not having time for dinner. The problem was that the entirety of my apartment building smelled just like the hallway that leads from the elevator to the door of my paternal grandparents’ apartment in the Bronx. And that smells pretty good . . . Continue reading


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Lo que no tengo . . .

Vals, lo que no tengo

Uno de mis poemas favoritos . . .

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