Happy Birthday, Margaret!


Ten years ago to the day, Margaret was born to my sister and her husband. Next came Thomas and then Benjamin. Of course, once your parents have grandchildren, you lose a lot of your own hard-earned protagonism, but still I have so much fun with my niece and nephews. Sprinkles, tinkles, nutter butters, and all. I love you, Margaret, and happy birthday!



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Margaret!

  1. Margaret

    Uncle Eric, you are so funny! Thank you for writing about me. Are you sleeping in a sprinkle bed?

  2. Thomas

    Uncle Eric, I think that you’re letter was really funny! I liked how you said “sprinkles, tinkles, nutter butters”
    Sprinkles, tinkles, crinkles, and nutter butters;
    I love them all and I hope you love them all!
    love, Thomas

  3. Benjamin

    Hasta pasta! It was good seeing you on Christmas!

  4. eric

    I miss you kids!

  5. Chrissy

    Our weather forecaster yesterday said,
    “Cloudy with a chance of sprinkles”!!

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