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This Week’s Winners Are . . .

Por primera vez en su corta historia, el Comité ha decidido conceder el Premio al Mejor Compañero de Trabajo de la Semana a dos personas, un compañero y una compañera. Los ganadores son Martha y Iurgi. ¡Enhorabuena!

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Partido duro contra el Barça pero Rose siempre es Super Star

El USP-CEU Adecco Estudiantes se enfrentó al durísimo FC Barcelona en el Magariños este domingo (66-91). Sin entrar en los detalles del encuentro, Estudiantes jugó igualada todo la primera mitad, pero en la segunda parte, las estrellas del Barça tomaron el mando. Sin embargo, disfruté como siempre viendo a mi Rose Super Star. De hecho hoy pude lucir la camista 10 de Rosa Pérez (aún sin firmar por la crack). A pesar de perder contra su alma mater, Rose metió dos triples (el segundo impresionante) y un total de 8 puntos.


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The Goddaughter


One day, and that day may never come, I may ask you for a pacifier . . .


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Name that Co-Worker, Part I

¿Eres capaz de nombrar este compañer@ de trabajo?

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Bill Clinton, Elvis, Milan Kundera, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, and my Grandmother

Bill, Elvis, Milan, Billie, Chet, and My Grandma

Bill Clinton was probably the US’ most charismatic president. Of course, people either loved or hated him. What I could never understand is why, even at moments when I thought I had lost respect for the man or even when I knew he was just, he could still move me with one of his speeches. I mean, think about it. Here’s a guy from Georgetown University and from Yale with a redneck twang in his voice.

Then one day it hit me. Bill Clinton sounds a lot like Elvis Presley when he talks. That is what essentially makes him so listen-to-able. Bill is from Little Rock and Elvis was from Memphis. They are pretty close, both geographically and culturally. Listen carefully next time you hear Bill speak, close your eyes, imagine it is the King. Actually, there was a book written about Bill being the Rock and Roll President.

So, what does Bill Clinton sounding like Elvis Presley have to do with Milan Kundera, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker and my Grandmother?

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The Agony of Humanity


Miguel de Unamuno writes in “La Agonía del Cristianismo” about the inherent conflict that the Gospel requires of its followers. One is told to be fruitful and multiply, and yet at the same time, one is obliged to leave everything behind (family, friends, the world).

In my world, I live what I call the Agony of Humanity. I love people. I love being around people, talking to them, learning about and from them. I value above all else generosity and kindness. At the same time, I also cherish my solitude. Ironically, I consider myself sociable yet anti-social. Sometimes I just want to be left alone.

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Premio Semanal – And the winner is . . .

El ganador del Premio al Mejor Compañero de la Semana en FON es . . . Joan!!!!

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