Who’s your Doggie?

      Introducing Ella . . .



She belongs to Karissa, but Eric has agreed to 10% non-capital stock ownership obligations. Can anyone say, “Grave Error”? Come on, she’s cute, she’s beautiful, and hopefully she’ll be a babe magnet.






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7 responses to “Who’s your Doggie?

  1. Eric's older brother

    I don’t know if i would give Eric ownership rights to dog…. based on Eric’s past performance as an Uncle to my dog (Dixon). Just kidding. Ella is very cute.

  2. eric

    Based on Eric’s experience with brother’s dog’s owner, Eric is reluctant to assume rights in pictured dog.

  3. Karissa

    Eric you have already assumed rights! (i.e. youre stuck baby;)Eric’s older brother is worrying me!:(

  4. Chrissy

    OLDER brother?? What’s up with that??

  5. Eric's older brother

    I am older in a lot of ways.

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