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FON: A Quick Corporate Promo


Sorry to interrupt you all with a little shameless corporate promo, but I have to get this out of the way.

On Tuesday, we announced that we were launching the Neuf WiFi FON service in France with some 600,000 Neuf boxes flashed with FON’s software. We celebrated in Paris and were hosted by Jean-Paul Huchon who represents about 11 million Parisians as their regional president.

And today, we have announced the creation, together with British Telecom, of the BT FON Community. BT has flashed some 1.7 million of their routers with FON’s software and has also become a shareholder in FON.

So this is pretty big news for those of us slaving over here in Madrid. We have gone from some 280K FON WiFi routers out there to potentially having 2.8 million routers with FON inside.

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Back from Paris with the Flu

Neuf FON WiFi Fiesta TEAM.JPG

I just got back from Paris today and brought the flu with me. Oh la la, trè exciting! I was there for five days for some pleasure and some business as FON threw a Fiesta to celebrate launching a joint service with France’s top alternative carrier, Neuf Cegetel.

Give me a little time to recuperate and I will be posting again.

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It is Imperative that I Be Subjunctive

Of Grammatology.JPG

The other day at work I was drafting an internal procedure and wrote, “It is important that the Department create procedures to . . .” After having showed it to my boss, he mentioned that there was a typo or grammatical error, and that it should have read, “It is important that the deparment creates procedures to . . .”

I read the sentence over a couple of times and was convinced that my version was correct, and that the difference in conjugation was due to the fact that the sentence was imperative and required the use of the subjunctive. I was told that that might in fact be the case, but that I should still change it to “creates” because everyone who would read the document would see it as an error. I normally don’t argue (outside of this blog) unless I am pretty confident of my position. Continue reading


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Being and Perception

Nicolas Barba.JPG

A few weeks ago, Nicolas (FON’s bearded Canadian) and Borja organized a barbeque with the official office hoser doing all of the cooking. I was not able to attend. Today, I finally saw some of the photos and was shocked at the realization that:

When I am not around, my co-workers continue to exist. They are live human beings that breathe, eat, and do all sorts of things even when they are not in the office or in my presence. Of course, I wasn’t there to witness any of this, but unless the photos were part of a covert conspiracy to make me believe in their independent existence, they do actually exist outside of my perception. And they all appear to be enjoying themselves in the photos. Maybe I am not the axis upon which all else revolves.

This is just a preliminary thought, though, and is not meant to be conclusive.

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Inauguración del Ascensor Exprés

Ascensor expres

Después de dos semanas con un ascensor que no funcionaba, nosotros pensábamos que estaba averiado y no entendíamos por qué tardaba tanto en arreglarse. Sin embargo, nos hemos enterado ahora mismo que estaba en obras y que hoy venía el alcalde de Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, para inaugurar el nuevo ascensor ligero exprés, linea directa entre la planta cero y la tres. Ya está funcionando y es todo un lujo con dos plantas y butacas de terciopelo. Próxima estación, “East Side”.


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Berga’s FON Story

As mentioned in Berga Forever, my good friend and (until today) co-worker, Berga, is moving on. He has made this video to cover his year and a half FON Story, which at the end of the day is also my FON Story to date. Thanks, Berga!


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Berga Forever!


Yo empecé a trabajar en FON el 9 de enero de 2006 y dos días más tarde entró un barbudo medio hippie. Le pregunté cómo se llamaba y resultó que tenía el mismo nombre que otro en la empresa. En aquellos tiempos solo éramos unas ocho personas habitando el mismo espacio pequeño. Así yo le dije que era imposible tener dos personas con el mismo nombre y le pregunté el apellido, como alternativo. Cuando dijo “Bergantiños”, le dije que imposible. Too difficult. Esperé dos segundos y le bauticé “Berga” . Continue reading

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Partido de Homenaje

Adios a Berga.JPG

Hysidro gana el premio con esta imagen! Mañana será el último partido oficial de Berga, el arquitecto de las Jornadas de Fútbol.

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I’m Just a Bill

I just checked my FON User Zone (I share WiFi), and I had my first 5 visitors to my FON Spot!!! Yeah, that’s really exciting, I suppose. Well, it means that FON is actually working, and that is something I have been working at for a very long time. So, I just decided to open a PayPal account and changed my FON user profile from Linus to Bill. That means I am a Bill now.

Had I been a Bill already, I would have made 25 cents from these 5 connections (they were all 15 minute WiFi Ad connections). Nevertheless, Don Juan Pablo just sold his first FON Pass through his FON Spot and made around €4.

Does anybody out there remember School House Rock? Well, I am just a Bill! Learning used to be so much fun, even if there was a bit of brainwashing behind it all.


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Openness and the News

chuecawifi FON.JPG

This week EuroPride is being celebrated in Madrid, and even FON is involved having created ChuecaWiFi, a project to FON enable the entire Madrid neigbhorhood of Chueca. This morning on the news (on Spain’s state-owned TV1), the news anchor was reporting on the wonderful level of tolerance in Madrid’s gay community. Likewise, last night I also saw a similar report on TeleMadrid about how happy Chueca’s elderly residents were with their gay neighbors. This got me to thinking about whether a U.S. news channel would also air similar views and reports, or whether the U.S. media is simply too puritanical to portray homosexuality as being integrated into mainstream society.

Then this morning I saw this article in The Economist on how gay couples are becoming more suburban and less concentrated into closed urban circles. Continue reading


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