FON: A Quick Corporate Promo


Sorry to interrupt you all with a little shameless corporate promo, but I have to get this out of the way.

On Tuesday, we announced that we were launching the Neuf WiFi FON service in France with some 600,000 Neuf boxes flashed with FON’s software. We celebrated in Paris and were hosted by Jean-Paul Huchon who represents about 11 million Parisians as their regional president.

And today, we have announced the creation, together with British Telecom, of the BT FON Community. BT has flashed some 1.7 million of their routers with FON’s software and has also become a shareholder in FON.

So this is pretty big news for those of us slaving over here in Madrid. We have gone from some 280K FON WiFi routers out there to potentially having 2.8 million routers with FON inside.


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