Being and Perception

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A few weeks ago, Nicolas (FON’s bearded Canadian) and Borja organized a barbeque with the official office hoser doing all of the cooking. I was not able to attend. Today, I finally saw some of the photos and was shocked at the realization that:

When I am not around, my co-workers continue to exist. They are live human beings that breathe, eat, and do all sorts of things even when they are not in the office or in my presence. Of course, I wasn’t there to witness any of this, but unless the photos were part of a covert conspiracy to make me believe in their independent existence, they do actually exist outside of my perception. And they all appear to be enjoying themselves in the photos. Maybe I am not the axis upon which all else revolves.

This is just a preliminary thought, though, and is not meant to be conclusive.


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  1. All wrong, it is “Being and Nothingness” … Jean Paul Sartre.

    Mmmmmmm, p-h-i-l-o-s-o-p-h-y. Comes free of charge, with builtin brainifier action, and buttery thoughtful goodness!!!

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