FIFA Top Ten Goals of 2009

Two posts about football in one day? But, this one really is about football and not just an analogy.

These are the top ten goals of the 2009 competing for the FIFA Puskas Award. Once again, I will let you make up your own mind.



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8 responses to “FIFA Top Ten Goals of 2009

  1. As much as I love both Adebayor and Essien for their ability to play the beautiful game ~ lol, wtf was that from Nilmar?

    SERIOUSLY? Never even heard of that kid before and shit …. **WOW** … he wins, hands down, that reminded me of Baggio, too phenomenal.

    Oh, and f* Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s a whiner, a puss, and the worst lame sissy to ever play. He gives football a bad name, he needs to just quit and take up modelling women’s underwear, he has the right equipment for it.

  2. I actually love saying his name, has such a great flow to it …

    A-deh-bei-yourrrrrr …. that’s just cool as hell.


    Yeah baby, waiting for WC 2010 … and the Italians better remember their heritage in football, and get some class back. That last WC was a complete embarrassment, start to finish.

  3. ReWrite

    I actually thought Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was the best of the 10.

  4. ?

    How much have you had to drink? Or is this one of those “he said X, so I’ll say Y just because he said X” kind of things …

    Anyone can get lucky on a long ball, that’s not skill, happens commonly.

    But navigating through 5-6 players to take a no angle shot on goal and capping it … that’s the beautiful game at its highest point.

    Ronaldo is a puss, he makes me sick with his constant diving, crying and prima donna mentality. Hopefully, the Real Madrid team bus backs over him … intentionally.

  5. How the beatiful game is played, not just the King of goal scoring, but one of the most graceful of players, ever …

    Azzurri, Roberto Baggio, vivere per sempre!!!

  6. eric

    I can’t stand Torres (another whiner), but I liked his goal best.

    BTW, now that I get to see Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid on a regular basis, I must admit that he is one of the most effective players I have seen in a long time…though a an over-gelled muscle head he is.

  7. ReWrite

    I’m not a Cristiano Ronaldo fan or a Torres fan either, I dislike both of them. But I did think that their goals were (surprisingly) first and second best respectively. I think Cristiano is the real deal, but I don’t like his steez and Torres is considerably more annoying to me.

  8. Bleh …

    Give me a Zidane or Baggio any day. Other than guys like Rooney, Adebayor, and a couple German players, real football players are in short supply these days.

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