An Analogy


In professional football (soccer) terms, the 20th Century could be called Real Madrid’s Century. As a matter of fact, FIFA – the world’s football governing body – voted Real Madrid the most successful professional club team of the 20th century.

In 2000, Real Madrid kicked off the new century with a reinforced policy of signing the world’s greatest and most expensive players including Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, and David Beckham. Then in the summer of 2009, Real Madrid again made football history with unheard of spending, including the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo for the record amount of €96 Million ($135 million), Kaká for €65 Million ($ 95Million and Benzema for €35 Million ($51 Million) (not to mention picking up Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa from Liverpool and Raul Albiol from Valencia).

Nevertheless, in the Copa del Rey against the modest Alcorcón from Second Division B (Group 2) with an annual budget of less than €1 million, Real Madrid with its budget of over €200 Million ($300 Million) on players alone was eliminated after losing 4-0 in Alcorcón and winning by only 1-0 at its home stadium that seats 80 million spectators.

How is it possible that the wealthiest and most expensive professional team in the world cannot defeat a group of part-time amateurs? Should we blame the Real Madrid players? The coaching staff? The club’s governing body? How about the FIFA rules? Or should we demonize Alcorcón?

I will let you make the inferences and draw your own conclusions.



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5 responses to “An Analogy

  1. ReWrite

    The crazy thing about your analogy is that the US gov’t Military expenditure is even more out of balance than Real Madrid. And at least Real Madrid wins the majority of the time.

    Anyway, nice post… the whole thing is disgusting and absurd, especially when put into the context of the other debates (that aren’t really happening) about health care in the US and other gov’t spending. I don’t know why taxpayers money is being prioritizes for fighting meaningless wars, instead of providing jobs, housing and health care for its own citizens.

  2. eric

    I guess Real Madrid could always label Alcorcon an illegal insurgency group. Or lock up second division players prior to matches.

  3. ReWrite

    hahaha. They don’t need to, unlike the US gov’t they win from time to time.

  4. Real Madrid isn’t asked to play games for other clubs, around the world.

    Real Madrid isn’t asked to take money from their fans, their communities, and then fund their players, playing abroad.

    FIFA doesn’t lobby the whole planet to have Real Madrid give all their players, their equipment, their coaches, out to other countries for the benefit of the other teams, and their fans.

    Basically, a weak, ineffective analogy that falls flat under objectivity.

  5. Raul

    Great analogy Eric!!!. More money is not equal to success.

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