The European Brand of Terrorism

On Thursday night in Vienna, a group of neo-Nazi extremists interrupted the European club match between Austria Vienna and Athletic Bilbao. The match coincided with a pan-European meeting of neo-Nazis from Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy. This type of incident should be recognized for what it is: terrorism, pure and simple. Yet, it received absolutely no coverage whatsoever in the New York Times, Washington Post, or CNN. Were the neo-Nazis armed, FOX would have called it a Tea Party.



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3 responses to “The European Brand of Terrorism

  1. I really have to question why there was zero mention of this in the U.S. … … …

    Sorry, drawing a big, fat blank …

    Ummmm, maybe there wasn’t enough sensationalism to make it saleable here? I don’t know, I’m reaching for something.

  2. eric

    No love for the game. Not enough time outs for commercials.

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