My normal Friday morning ritual includes reading all of the new movie, restaurant, art exhibit, and shopping reviews, regardless of the fact that I almost never actually go the cinema, restaurants, museums or shopping. This morning after discovering that for the second day in a row I had absolutely no hot water (this on the last day of repairs that have left me without access to my kitchen for the past two weeks), I opened the El Mundo Metropoli Section weekend guide to find the face of my friend Juanjo and the review of his restaurant, ConAmor.

ConAmor is where I always take visitors to Madrid for excellent Spanish food. I always order the fried eggplant and the paella with vegetables.



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4 responses to “ConAmor

  1. This morning after discovering that for the second day in a row I had absolutely no hot water (this on the last day of repairs that have left me without access to my kitchen for the past two weeks)

    Mmmmmmmm, ain’t socialist run countries just the best!!!

    That wouldn’t happen in a free market country …

    LMMFAOROTFLMMFAO … BOOOOOOOOYAH, socialism is just like “hope and change”; a whole montage of rhetoric that can’t ever get the job done.

    Bye bye responsibility, bye bye accountability, bye bye to everything you know, socialism is here to save the day … LMMFAOROTFL!!!

    But wait, as part of socialism you also get “social equality” across the board, because after all, that is what it’s all about!!!

    Except, racism and social inequality in Europe is every bit the equal of the U.S.

    OH NOES, my kingdom for an ounce of logic!!!

    I’d say “happy holidays”, but then I’m not socialistically invaginated, so I’ll go with MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. eric

    Ha ha ha. But nice try. Spain, regardless of the name of its lame governing party, is a free market capitalist country with its government participating in the GDP at percentages close to those of the US and with similar tax burdens.

    But more importantly, the temperature of my water has nothing to do with socialism. My utilities are all contracted from private companies as was the work being done in my kitchen. The reason the water isn’t hot? The private multinational company that sold me my water heater has to come on Monday to fix the thing.

    So there really isn’t a socialism/capitalism debate here (though I am thankful that I am dealing with private company incompetencies rather than public ones).

    On the discussion of racism and social inequality, for the time being Europe beats us in terms of social equality. Racism is debatable. Not covered at all in the U.S. press (at least as far as I could see) was how a group of right wing Neo-Nazis terrorists (let’s call a spade a spade) invaded a soccer stadium in Vienna temporary suspending a match between an Austrian and Spanish team in a European club match. Post to follow…

  3. Hmmmm,

    I think “social equality’s” fat ass, try again cugino:

    No different from the U.S. in policies, written or implied.

    Your GDP statement doesn’t hold water:

    Are you sure you aren’t smoking the dope … they are less than one tenth of our GDP nationally, nearly 11 dollars off the mark on individual worker GDP, (in comparison to US workers), and don’t have even remotely the same work ethic/dedication.

    Facts, cugino, the only thing that matters is the facts. The fact is, it is a politically socialist state trying to masquerade as monarchic democracy … I think all of Spain drinks too much, that could likely be proven factual.

  4. eric

    Cuz, I didn’t meant to compare the GDPs of Spain and the U.S. but rather government spending as percentage of GDP. They are roughly the same around 38%.

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