And the Rest of Us

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In response to my post on the irrelevance of the Tiger Woods marital crisis story, my brother — a public interest attorney in the Bronx — brings up an excellent point about the disparate treatment of the wealthy and the poor in domestic disputes.

For example, I was recently listening to a Leonard Lopate Show podcast about police informants and the example of Jack Abramoff was given. In exchange for his testimony, Abramoff — probably the most corrupt lobbyist in Washington history — got a lighter sentence than would someone found with less than a teaspoon of crack.

Yet we continue to believe that the poor in America get all of the breaks.



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4 responses to “And the Rest of Us

  1. ReWrite

    Thanks for the shout out

  2. I’ve never stated they get all the breaks; but neither do I believe that being poor is any less of a choice than being a Union member, a member of a political party or a prostitute.

    I’m just tired of hearing all the whining, and when you look at a poor person’s life, in a manner no social activist can do it ~ objectively ~ you will most broadly find that they made their choices and refuse to accept responsibility for those choices.

  3. Best Dave Chappelle ever:

  4. Well, maybe this one is first place, especially considering our current President:

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