Another Scapegoat


A few weeks ago we were blaming Islamic extremism for an All American shooting spree, largely forgetting the other two mass shootings that occurred within a few days of each other. Not this time. This time we have another scapegoat, as Gene Lyons so elegantly writes:

Another week, another grotesque mass shooting: In Washington state this time, leaving four police officers dead, four families destroyed and nine children’s lives shattered. As it’s politically unfashionable to wonder whether Americans shouldn’t do more to keep semi-automatic handguns away from crazy people, attention soon focused on why mass murderer Maurice Clemmons wasn’t locked away, where he belonged.

So many insane people with easy access to guns and so many excuses. And we certainly are not going to blame Governor Huckabee for aiding and abetting terrorism.


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One response to “Another Scapegoat

  1. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM … miss the point much?

    It isn’t/wasn’t the access to guns that was the problem … wtf? Are you smoking dope?

    Try this: an abject condition of a **laff** “judicial system”; and yes I am saying this in an all scope totality ~ that doesn’t have the slightest f’n clue what “justice” actually is …

    Here’s actual justice: tried, convicted, executed.

    Here’s American “justice”; “Oh you poor thing, you had a bad childhood” “Mommy ignored you” “Daddy was too hard on you” “You need therapy” … blah, blah, blah mother f’n blah …

    You recognized that he was a whackjob; agreed.

    Next step ~ anyone who is demented to this proven degree can NEVER, EVER be fixed.

    Boot to the back of the neck, two to the back of the skull, justice finally served.

    I volunteer for it, more than happy to oblige; hell, I’ll travel state to state even.

    Guns don’t kill people; weakness, stupidity, political correctness will kill us all though.

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