People with Guns Kill


The incredibly powerful lobby, the NRA, is constantly reminding us, especially when there is yet another senseless murder, that guns don’t kill, people do.

That is true. But it is also true that while alcohol doesn’t drive a car into an accident, people who drive under the influence of alcohol do. We therefore heavily regulate the consumption of alcohol to save lives. But unlike alcohol, which is not specifically designed for driving, guns are made to kill.

Guns and people just don’t mix because while guns don’t kill, people with guns do.



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3 responses to “People with Guns Kill

  1. So what’s the answer?

    No one knows why this occurred, provoked/unprovoked …

    Even if you take guns away, people will still kill people. England is having massive problems with public knifings … so now, what to do, what to do … ???

  2. eric

    I think we need to arm the entire population with assault weapons, then people will be more reluctant to shoot each other 😉

  3. ?

    Hardly. Part of the genetic imperative; “survival of the fittest” ~ which often means the “smartest” …

    Strategising how to get the best shot and not be shot would become the “norm”.

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