On Barking and Biting

Sarah Palin’s resignation speech was even quirkier than Governor Sanford’s recent M.I.A. speech, and perhaps as embarrassingly unskilled as her interviews with Katie Curic. In less than a year, Sarah Barracuda, the self-proclaimed pit bull in lipstick, has gone from the realm of the cynical to the purely bizarre.

My first reaction after hearing Sarah Palin’s speech at the 2008 Republican Presidential Convention was that it was cynical, aggressive, arrogant, and mean spirited. The virtually unknown Alaskan governor got up on stage and delivered a series of boastful one-liners about her own superior toughness while ridiculing her opponent’s professional record.

If Judge Sotomayor thinks that she has an advantageous perspective over white men, well, Sarah Palin’s entire argument (and the image that McCain ticket ran on) was that as a gun-tooting, small town Christian hockey mom, she was tougher and more qualified than a mere city dwelling organizer with an All American education. And while Palin was on tour denouncing Obama for not being American enough, she was arguing behind the scenes with the McCain campaign to cover up her husband’s seven year membership in the Alaskan secessionist party. Interesting that the anti-Palin liberal press never reported on any of the two inconsistencies.

Now less than a year later, Sarah Barracuda is crying that the mainstream press is not nice, proving the old adage true that the pit bull, with or without lipstick, is all bark and no bite.

At the end of the day, though, I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She was thrust into the national spotlight and, much like Susan Boyle, was completely unprepared intellectually or emotionally for Prime Time. Of course, her original lack of humility didn’t help.



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3 responses to “On Barking and Biting

  1. I don’t like her so much, and have no desire to ever see her in office.

    But, the unmitigated, unquenchable hubris of Maobama isn’t even comparable to her.

    “America is a Muslim nation” …. pfft, lmmfaorotfl … Maobama is a world class idiot …

    Actually, he and Palin would probably make a good political match … neither of them get it.

    What’s really bizarre; the absolutism of the gullibility of the American populace.

    All it takes is race or religion and you can sell this whole society the bill of goods ~ Village Idiot and Maobama have both provided empirical evidence towards such.

  2. eric

    Yes, it is amazing that our society will buy almost everything, piecemeal, that we are sold. Look at practically everything we hold true and there’s a major lobby campaigning for us to believe.

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