The Post is Toast


Now this is a scandal . . . asking money from lobbyists in return for access to your newsroom.



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2 responses to “The Post is Toast

  1. ReWrite

    This is disgusting

  2. R.I.P. journalism …

    HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOO mainstream media!!!

    Ewwww, what’s that I smell, did someone step in something again?

    I really need to pick a new career, pathological lying is where the money is … I wonder if Chairman Maobama needs a Disinformation Czar? Deceit Czar … wait, no, Nancy Pelosi has that position … hrmmmmm, help me out here fellas, there has to be a cabinet position left for me, big money, no responsibility … OH WAIT … “Belief Czar”!!!

    Yeah Baby!!! Shagadelic!!!

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