Bubba’s Fallen Ex Presidency


I have already discussed how Bill Clinton crossed the line of appropriate ex presidential behavior in acting more like James Carville than an elder statesman. For the good of the Hillary campaign, he tried to stay quiet for about a week, but then he just couldn’t control himself in Arizona.

Frustrated because the Democratic Party is turning against him with key endorsements, Bill went back to sounding like Bubba and trashed Ted Kennedy. The problem was that Bubba’s attack was so absurd because, by doing so, he was actually also criticizing Hillary’s policies and endorsing Obama’s judgment. In his most Bubba I-condescend-to-thee voice, Bill gave the good people of Arizona a lesson:

I want you to think about this, and I have to say, this was a train wreck that was not intended. No Child Left Behind was supported by George Bush and Sen. Ted Kennedy and everybody in between. Why? Because they didn’t talk to enough teachers before they did that.

Who is everybody in between? Hillary, of course. She voted alongside Ted Kennedy on Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative. Obama was a critic of the law.

James Carville can go around the country all he wants, yelling and screaming, speaking in funking accents. He can stretch the truth, play with numbers, and distort the facts. The ex president of the United States, a representative of the American people, should not. This is just another example of how Bubba is destroying his ex presidency.


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  1. Actually, not entirely factual.

    The activist group, “Children’s Defense Fund” and the NEA were major players in that legislation.

    The NEA by far being the worst part, as they are lawyers with no background in education or educational curriculum, and summarily just another self-serving interest group whose attempts at policy creation end in an ongoing deficit to the American child’s future.

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