Yes We Can

I am not one hundred percent comfortable with videos of this type. They can seem a little too “Go Team Go” or populistic. They also may create too great of a burden on a presidential elect. I am also not much of a fan of listening to celebrities’ unqualified endorsements (unlike my own supremely informed one), as if what Barbara Streisand thinks about the election should somehow affect how I vote (it would probably actually have the opposite effect).

Nonetheless, I think that the momentum and postive energy that Obama supporters have shown this year is remarkable. We even have an enormous sector of those past Bill Clinton supporters turning to Obama. Almost every day we’re seeing another big Obama endorsement, for example, yesterday the L.A. Times and now London’s The Times. Were we to have a few more days, I think that Obama would definitely clinch this thing.

Thanks to Teo for the “heads up“.


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