One Common Ancestor

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A recent scientific study finds that peopole with blue eyes can trace their ancestry to one person 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. The first case of blue eyes would have been the genetic mutation in a single person, probably somewhere in the Caucasus, and that mutation would have been passed on to the rest of us who have blue eyes. Thus, a person from Denmark, Jordan, or the U.S. with blue eyes all share a common ancestor.

According to John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, “The question really is, ‘Why did we go from having nobody on Earth with blue eyes 10,000 years ago to having 20 or 40 percent of Europeans having blue eyes now? . . . This gene does something good for people. It makes them have more kids.”



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6 responses to “One Common Ancestor

  1. and now is when you say you have blue eyes, isn’t it?

  2. I’m wouldn’t necessarily say that his eyes are the only thing that are blue on his body huh Eric?
    what was that 80’s tv show? who’s the….?

  3. Mio siciliano, and blue eyes; one genetic progeny.

    But likely, not indicative of the study.

    Interesting piece, nicely done.

  4. Randy Bergmann

    Cabron? For the benefit of other non-Spanish-speaking Grave Error readers, I looked up the definition of the word, and here’s what I found:

    “Word in spanish with many different meanings. The real meaning is the male goat. Female is cabra and male is cabron. But slang use is far more common. Depending on countries it seems to have somehow different but similar meanings. A good definiton that would apply in almost all Spanish speaking countries would be asshole-fucker-bitch. In some places the word also means a person that is not with his partner. Example: Se fue de cabron. He went to fuck around. In this way it always has the connotation that he is looking for an affair.”

    What is your English translation of the word, Eric? a-f-b?

  5. eric


    In Spain it would be more like a jerk, and would usually be used in jest as when a friend makes fun of you. I think that maybe in other Spanish speaking countries it would be considered more of an insult.

    But, you’ve just proven that I can’t slide any past you…nice research 😉

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