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Encuentro con Rose Superstar en Barna

Este fin de semana estuve en Barcelona en la boda de mi amiga Blanca. Así pude aprovechar para pasar el domingo con mi jugadora favorita de baloncesto, Rose Superstar. Me sacó de paseo por todo el Born y aquí en la foto nos estuvimos tomando un cafe en una terraza super chula en el Barri Gòtic. Me contó toda su experiencia este año en el Barça, hablamos de su futuro en el deporte, y también (por supuesto) tuvimos tiempo para comentar cosas más personales. En fin ¡lo pasé molt bé!

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Inventions and Dimensions


Inventions and Dimensions in Barcelona.



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Smile for foto.jpg

Now everybody smile for the photo!

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A Fat Country: The Politics and Sociology of Food


My friends in Spain often accuse me of being blindly pro-American and only criticizing Europe. I always defend myself by saying that this is in fact not at all true. I critique what I see around me. After perhaps sounding too critical of the Mama’s Boy Society, I am going to highlight some of the problems associated with obesity in the United States.

At dinner on Friday night, Loic played with the idea of creating an online community for overweight people to be called AFatWorld (see video) where communities could use a WiFi scale (the La Fatera) and share their weight with their friends and other community members. Actually at the time, I was sitting at another table that was engaged in a much more interesting discussion on the success of Internet dating sites.

In any event, Felix Petersen, co-founder of Plazes, and I had a very interesting conversation about the politics of food. Continue reading


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For Bread Alone

Le Pain nu.jpg

Last night something very unique happened to me. I suppose it is not so unique in the sense of it being an astonishing or mysterious event. Nevertheless, it was a first.

I was reading Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel, For Bread Alone. It tells the story of Choukri’s tragic first 17 years of life from fleeing the famine stricken Rif Mountains to Tangier where he goes from living with an abusive father to living as a street dweller. I had already researched a little about his life and association with Paul Bowles (whose The Spider’s House I thoroughly enjoyed) and knew that Choukri went from being illiterate until a very late age only to become one of the most influential writers in the Magreb. Continue reading

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The Vicious Cycle of a Mama’s Boy Society


On Saturday morning I awoke to find that my new Nokia phone was not working. When something breaks in Spain, it is a huge hassle to get it fixed. Just to inquire about getting it fixed, I had to take part of the morning off in Madrid on Monday to go to the MoviStar (cell phone operator) store (it doesn’t open until 10:00am). When I finally spoke to the MoviStar agent, he told me that my warranty was only valid for 10 days at the store, but that I could go to the Nokia customer representative a few blocks away where my warranty would be valid for two years.

When the afternoon came around, I left work early at 7:00pm to be able to arrive by 8:00pm at the Nokia shop before it closed. When I arrived, there was another MoviStar agent who told me that the Nokia reps only work from 11:00am-2:00pm and then from 4:00pm-7:00pm. I was furious to say the least, and asked whether only people without jobs qualified for Nokia’s customer services.

Then I remember that this was all part of a much bigger problem: a vicious cycle of a Mama’s Boy society that makes getting anything done almost impossible. Strangely enough, what we call a Mama’s Boy in English, in Spain they call a Papa’s Boy (because he lives off daddy’s salary, even if his body is running on mama’s cooking). Allow me to explain: Continue reading


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Tech Talk Menorca

The Tech Talk in Menorca was real success. The actual event took place in a barn on Martin’s farm that had a real chill-out and laid-back feel. Ironically with so many techies and geeks (including Jens), it was suprisingly cool. With the help of, Loic has created with all of the videos of the different speakers. On Friday night at dinner, Loic also came up with an initiative, in jest, to create a cyber community for the overweight.


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