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Tech Talk Menorca

The Tech Talk in Menorca was real success. The actual event took place in a barn on Martin’s farm that had a real chill-out and laid-back feel. Ironically with so many techies and geeks (including Jens), it was suprisingly cool. With the help of, Loic has created with all of the videos of the different speakers. On Friday night at dinner, Loic also came up with an initiative, in jest, to create a cyber community for the overweight.


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When the Sun Goes Down

On Friday afternoon in Torrenova, Menorca, as the sun was going down, Burning Spear’s song “The Sun” came rushing into my mind. At that moment, I came up with a fantastic multimedia idea: to video the sun setting as I walked towards the edge of the farm, through the fields, up to the 14th Century lookout tower, to the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea…and all of this to the sound of Burning Spear singing, “when the sun goes down I will call on you.”

As often happens when I am momentarily inspired, the moment’s inspiration comes tumbling down into pieces when I see the end result. So, here I give you the worst video I have ever created, the one that will keep me off multimedia for a while. If you keep an open mind and squint your eyes, you can see off in the distance the beauty that lies between my intentions and the end result.

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A Little Walk in Menorca

Here are some pictures I took yesterday while taking a little walk around the farm in Menorca, listening to one of the greatest and least known Reggae artists of all time, Joe Higgs.


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In Menorca

I am in Menorca for a few days at my boss‘ farm house to help him out with an informal tech entrepreneur’s conference that he is hosting. It’s funny to watch all of them with their computers open ALL THE TIME and with two cell phones each and an array of other gadgets. While I am writing this, I have just been given a lecture on the benefits of switching to Ubuntu and abandoning Microsoft altogether.

In any event, Menorca is such a beautiful place, and my boss’ farm is the perfect place to enjoy it. More pix to come.


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No Time and Nothing to Say


And even if I had something to say, I wouldn’t know where I’d begin.


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The Beautiful Sana’a


My friend Fadi has always introduced me to really fascinating stuff, like the works of Amin Maalouf, Carnet de Routes and Suite Africaine, Coltrane’s Olé, and one of my favorite novels of all time, Albert Cohen’s Belle du Seigneur. One thing I particularly enjoy is going to his apartment where he has wonderful things from all over the world. In particular, I always find myself staring at a painting of Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen. Sana’a (not to be confused with the Arabic name Sanaa) is portrayed like an intricate beehive of blues, browns and whites.

The other day, I decided to do some research on the city and found that it is just as interesting as the painting. Continue reading


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Everything But You

It’s Sunday, May 6th, and after taking a long paseo in Madrid, I arrived back at my apartment. There is nothing in the frig, the dishes are dirty, the bed is unmade, and the house is a bit messy. But, I don’t care. It is Sunday and sunny. This is the view from Inside My Window to “Evertying But You”, once again from the album The Original Ellington Suite by the Chico Hamilton Quintet with Eric Dolphy.

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The Bronx and Eric Dolphy

I guess I must be pretty bored, but I keep playing with a video clip program and combining videos, photos, and music. This time I combined my videos from driving into the Bronx from the George Washington Bridge through the Cross Bronx Expressway with one of my favorite Eric Dolphy pieces, “17 West” (with Ron Carter on cello). I am not quite sure why, maybe because of the strings, but this piece always reminds me of Leos Janácek.

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A View From My Window

The other day I took a lovely paseo to the chamber Jazz of the Chico Hamilton Quientet with Eric Dolphy’s The Original Ellington Suite. This morning, May 5, 2007, at 11:00 am, I decided to film the quiet morning from my window in the Madrid neigbhorhood of Chamberí to “In a Mellowtone” from the same album.

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If Bush were Black

My bro keeps sending me this video clip from the Chappelle’s Show where comedian David Chappelle shows how the Bush Administration would present the War in Iraq if Bush were in fact Black. If you’re not American, you probably won’t get it, but trust me, it is pretty funny.


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