In Menorca

I am in Menorca for a few days at my boss‘ farm house to help him out with an informal tech entrepreneur’s conference that he is hosting. It’s funny to watch all of them with their computers open ALL THE TIME and with two cell phones each and an array of other gadgets. While I am writing this, I have just been given a lecture on the benefits of switching to Ubuntu and abandoning Microsoft altogether.

In any event, Menorca is such a beautiful place, and my boss’ farm is the perfect place to enjoy it. More pix to come.



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6 responses to “In Menorca

  1. That’s just … beautiful. Very nice.

    (By the way, your boss is right Ubuntu kicks MicroShaft straight in the junk. If everyone could be convinced to change, we could rid the world of the scourge … and then maybe get back to going after rogue corporations that circumvent the laws with lobbying and political funds.)

  2. TheCommentKiller

    i love the last sentence

  3. Of course you aren’t against socio-political and racial/ethnic advocacy groups who get their agendas through legislation backed by corporate sponsors and donations from oligarchs.

    (By the way, that is the same thing as “lobbying”)

  4. TheCommentKiller

    To a certain extent, I am against many such groups. In fact the other day, i was researching campaign contributions in NY and found that a lefty environmental law group was a big campaign finance contributor… and i was upset. It is disgusting. I guess the question is, for even many organizations i philosophically support, whether they pay to play the game or whether they boycott/fight the system. I personally hope that if i was in their shoes i would choose the latter. But either way, as i have said numerous times, they game has to change b/c only the rich can really pay to play.

  5. Chrissy

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching your UTube thing–my first time ever to do that (i’m way behind in the tech world). In any event 🙂 what a gorgeous place!!!! I wish I could go!!!!

  6. Unfortunately for you or I, it will not change. Oligarchs have forever been the scourge of stable government, and aren’t like to remove themselves from the power play.

    Resource superiority = power. Wealth = resource superiority = power. The unstoppable prime mover, however unseen.

    Welcome to Amurika!!!

    Now go watch some NASCAR, drink some Old Milwaukee, hit the bong and forget about it!!! (Of course, taking time out inbetween the beer and the bong to verbally and/or physically abuse your spouse … can’t leave that out.)

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