When the Sun Goes Down

On Friday afternoon in Torrenova, Menorca, as the sun was going down, Burning Spear’s song “The Sun” came rushing into my mind. At that moment, I came up with a fantastic multimedia idea: to video the sun setting as I walked towards the edge of the farm, through the fields, up to the 14th Century lookout tower, to the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea…and all of this to the sound of Burning Spear singing, “when the sun goes down I will call on you.”

As often happens when I am momentarily inspired, the moment’s inspiration comes tumbling down into pieces when I see the end result. So, here I give you the worst video I have ever created, the one that will keep me off multimedia for a while. If you keep an open mind and squint your eyes, you can see off in the distance the beauty that lies between my intentions and the end result.


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