Tech Talk Menorca

The Tech Talk in Menorca was real success. The actual event took place in a barn on Martin’s farm that had a real chill-out and laid-back feel. Ironically with so many techies and geeks (including Jens), it was suprisingly cool. With the help of, Loic has created with all of the videos of the different speakers. On Friday night at dinner, Loic also came up with an initiative, in jest, to create a cyber community for the overweight.



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7 responses to “Tech Talk Menorca

  1. That’s refreshing to see. Spot on.

    This is encouraging actually, hopefully, although I have no knowledge of such, there are more small bands of hardware and software rogues, attempting to undercut the corporate megaliths.

    Anything that can be done to bring down the corporations, diseased with the bloated obesity of their own success, is a good thing.

    Did you hear MicroShaft is now trying to go after the Open Source communities for “patent violations”? Intellectual property is the biggest oligarchic lie of the modern era.

    May the Gods of War favor the smaller adversary!!!

    Viva la Revolution!!!

  2. Hi Eric,
    It was a really cool surprise to see you last weekend. Thanks for your help getting into the networking game. Sadly we lost somewhere between the meet-n-greet part and the dinner. I hope you had a cool evening.

    Nos vemos!

  3. eric

    Yes, sorry I missed you. I got caught up in the meet-n-greet and it was kind of late. So I stayed on the farm. I hope you had fun!

  4. TheCommentKiller

    i agree w/ James 100%… especially with regards to Intellectual property.

  5. Really?

    Most legal minded people see IP as completely correct, (LexisNexis is corporate legal whores, and they love IP, LOVE IT … you’d think someone had reinvented the wheel). I’d like to hear why you think otherwise, as a legal professional.

  6. TheCommentKiller

    Sorry for the late response, i did not check this post for a long time.

    IPs/Patents- as Lexis as figured out- is the present and future of imperialism.

    I have been meaning to publish a short and very amateur article (most likely w/ Safe Democracy) regarding the use of IP/patents to disenfranchise the working class and the poor. Big corporations, such as Monsanto and many others, use IP to patent things like seeds and certain ingredients in drugs. the result of which is either directly or indirectly putting farmers, merchants and whole towns and societies out of business. Gov’t used to due this w/ land and natural resources & people (from the crusades to triangular tradem, etc.) and then Corporations took over… now that they have control of virtually all usable land and natural resources on the planet; they are using IP/patents to expand that control and domination.

    There is a great documentary called the Future of Food, which in my opinion, is really about how Monsanto controls practically everything from the seeds and the pesticides to the food we consume. And how they have used IP/Patents (the present and future of imperialism) to control farmers both in the US and across the planet- not to mention what we intake at dinner. Check it out.

  7. eric

    Another potential spin is how certain companies go into local communities, usually in developing countries, and steal their techniques and best practices without having to pay anything, ie, the Body Shop and other beauty products.

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