April in Paris


I have only been to Paris twice before. The first time was in April 2004. I was there all by myself, and it rained non stop. Of course, I had no umbrella and got wet while I paraded up and down the streets of the city of lights all by my lonesome. So much for the romantic “April in Paris”! The second time I went to Paris was for my friend Waya’s birthday in January 2006. It didn’t rain but it was winter, and the trip only made me realize how non self-actualized I was because I knew nothing about clouds, didn’t speak French, and couldn’t play the piano.

I still can’t do any of those things either, if you were wondering. As my brother would say, “care factor real low”, “you must have mistaken me for somebody who cares,” or simply, “did I ask?”

Now it is my chance to have my revenge. But it appears that the last few days of April will be raining in Paris. Maybe I will be lucky this time and have weather that feels like the summer in Paris of the past two weeks. Although it may seem that I am really obsessing these days about the weather, I am just trying to make the point that come rain or shine, I don’t really mind.



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17 responses to “April in Paris

  1. TheCommentKiller

    what you call that collapsible canopy that protects a person from rain or sun? Or you could just do what Missy Elliott does when the rain hits her window.

  2. eric

    Who’s Missy Elliot? Dees?

  3. TheCommentKiller

    she is a real person, not like Deacon or Dwight.

  4. TheCommentKiller

    and screw paris… i spent all day today searching for potential witnesses in Ft. Washington and the South Bronx and NYC is just the most amazing city… nothing quite like it.

  5. LOL, trying to supplant Paris with New York, is like trying to do the same by using Missy Eliott to supplant Vivaldi:

    It’s called an untenable position: The architecture, history, art, the all emcompassing artifactual magnificence of a city such as Paris can never be replaced with a cesspool like New York.

    Not even remotely comparable.

    Geocentricity anyone? LOL. 🙂

  6. eric

    Guys, I think they are very very different cities, both with their attractions. They are very hard to even compare, with the exception that together with London, they are cities that have a pretty good mixe of people. Paris, also, seems to be much more integrated than NYC.

  7. That’s the point cugino, not comparable – in any fashion.

    The sheer age of the city of Paris and corresponding events make it impossible to set it down to a level with New York.

    For that you would have to go with London, Florence, Dresden, Barcelona … something that caliber, something with age, culture, history, survivability, etc.

  8. eric

    I don’t know about that. Europeans tend to think that their cities have much older cultures because they were founded say 1000 years ago. But, NYC was founded in the mid 1600s and has a remarkably rich history that we often forget about. For example, I often get the feeling when I am in NYC that it is one of the oldest “living” cities that I have seen. It is like the most ancient or mideavil modern city around. Just imagine, also, that from 1890 to 1920, NYC took in some 20 million immigrants. That is amazing. The city and its neighborhoods have also been tranformed, destroyed, rebuilt, time and again.

  9. I can’t refute any of that, but as a city is as much the humans that inhabit it, as the buildings that define it, I think New York is still far short.

    Da Vinci?
    Van Gogh?

    No one from America is even close to that caliber, neither are our cities. None of these cities here have survived even a scintilla of the World altering history of a London, Paris, Dresden or Rome. Our cities only have the American aspect of historicity, even inclusive of the immigrant populations. The difference between a city a millenia old and one 250 years old, is insurmountable.

    I think we’re talking apples and oranges.

  10. eric

    What about your uncle Louie? He was born and raised in the Bronx. Or Jenny from the block?

  11. Uncle Louie is by no means short on intelligence or decency as a human being. No slight towards the gentleman at all. But in all fairness, he’s no Machiavelli or Da Vinci either … would that any of us were so lucky!!! (If you were expecting that “all men created equal” stance, I think even the venerable father of my cousin would tell you that genetically … it just ain’t so)

    Jenny from the block? You completely lost me with that reference … ?

  12. Randy Bergmann

    Just curious: When was the last time you visited New York? Paris?
    Your conclusion that New York is a “cesspool” is based on what?
    Uncle Randy

  13. ?

    Society, American or International, is not any better for her presence. My Uncle has value as an individual, Lopez is a null set.

    Are you going somewhere with this cugino? Quite honestly, your ambiguity is rather befuddling.

  14. TheCommentKiller

    I apologize for creating this monster. I was mostly joking around about Paris, i have nothing against Paris and i have never visited (and certainly never lived there) so i cannot give it a fair opinion. I am sure it is a pretty cool city.

    These things are obviously subjective, as the things that James seems appreciate of cities (and i am sure Eric and i am sure most people) are different from myself. I really like NYC, much more so than i imagined prior to moving here.

    And although i don’t find it a cesspool or maybe in my vernacular “ghetto”- it isn’t really ghetto either. That being said, i like ghetto cities and rural areas. I loved living in Baltimore and it doesn’t get much more ghetto than that. The South BX and East New York (which is actually in Brooklyn) have nothing on the average neighborhood in Baltimore.

    As for J-Lo, i am not much of a fan, but she did open white men’s eyes to women of color, but other than that i could care less for her. She actually won various awards related to being most attractive female in a given year, which i am assuming was never given to a woman of color prior to J-Lo.

  15. eric

    Couz, I was just attempting to be a little funny . . . I could have listed the great Long Island musicians such as Mariah Carey.

  16. LMAO … I absolutely love individuals reactions to disagreement … LMAO … socially inappropriate in the effeminate PC society … ::must agree:: ::must agree nicely:: LMAO.


    It’s been a while since I’ve been to New York .. what’s your point? It is an American city like any other. As for Paris and not having visited it … again, so what, is there a point involved? Studying the history and culture of a city isn’t stopped by lack of physical presence. Find something .. anything in New York comparable to the Louvre or the Cathedrals or,or,or,or. Anything with the history, survivability, culture and lasting importance. I’ll help you out, you can’t. America is a culturally bankrupt nation, the faceless herds. The only culturally significant movements in this country are the ones that can be certified to subvert or supplant an actual culture.

    Commentkiller … ? women of color ? I’m going to have to call Royal Flush of BS on that one. Diana Ross was the beauty of decades for many, as well as many other “colored women” … personally, I wouldn’t be so opposed to trading the wife in on a nice Asian, Italian or Spanish model myself … women of color … LMAO … nice, nice.

    cugino, my bad, apparently my humor muscle is less than yours, didn’t catch the reference as being for comedic purposes. I’m going to have to cut this reply short and repent for my sins, I err far too great.

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