After the Rain


After the rain in Madrid, I arrived in Paris, and, despite the rumors and forecasts for rain, it was sunny and hot. As a matter of fact it was more of a Summer in Paris than an April in Paris, at least as the weather was concerned. I was fortunate to have Waya lend me her wonderful pad, and what a wonderful apartment! Two of the world’s top classical pianists live in her same building, and I awoke on Sunday morning to a live private rehearsal of one of my favorite Beethoven pieces. The day couldn’t have started off better.

The rest of the day was sunny and funny. On the steps leading to the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, there was a semi-crazy woman doing improtu can-can for the crowds of tourists, a real Parisian treat. Meanwhile I got to snack on and enjoy some of my favorites things: foreign accents, the warmth of the sun, beauty, words, and, of course, sandwiches!!!!

When the evening came, finally, the clouds broke and there was a thunder storm. But, after the rain, it was still a lovely evening in Paris. Unfortunately came the irony: I arrived in Madrid, the alleged capitol of “everything under the sun”, where it was rainy and cold. So, I think — if I could only have five more minutes, habibiti?


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